Sprayed Produce is Laden with Chemicals

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Sprayed Produce is Laden with Chemicals

Let’s get right to the point — chemicals are bad for your health. Whether you breathe them, drink them, or eat them — they can cause all sorts of health issues. Hazardous chemical exposures surround us every day and often there is little we can do to prevent contamination. But, we have to live. We have to breathe and we have to eat. So, what can we do?

One thing we can do is limit our intake of chemicals through the food that we eat. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, can be laden with pesticides, herbicides, and a host of other toxic chemicals. These chemicals contribute to a wide range of physical, psychological and neurological problems. Depression, mental illness, headaches, and abnormal nerve reflexes all stem from exposure to toxic chemicals. Increased cancer risks also result from this exposure.

The best way to limit ingestion of chemicals on fruits and vegetables is to buy and consume organic produce whenever possible. Organic farmers are very concerned about preserving health as well as preserving the environment. They rely on such farming techniques as green manure, crop rotation, compost and biological pest control. The pesticides and fertilizers they use do not contain synthetic products that are bad for the health.

If you cannot find organic or unsprayed produce in your area, you can request it from your grocer. Local supermarkets are very willing to meet the needs of their customers. Meanwhile you can take your health into your own hands by working with the produce that is available. Wash your fruits and vegetables with biodegradable soap or a vegetable wash sold in health markets for this very purpose. Produce can also be rinsed in a vinegar or salt water solution. Use a vegetable brush to scrub the produce and rinse thoroughly before consuming.

Peeling produce is also a good way to get rid of the chemicals but, many times, the most nutritious part of the produce is just under the skin. If you choose to peel the skin off, use a thin paring knife or a vegetable scraper that will only remove the outermost portion of the skin.

Chemicals are bad for your health. Once you become conscious of just how bad, you will have second thoughts about biting into that apple without washing it.

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