Crash Diets

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Crash Diets

Crash Diets

Crash diets can produce varying results.  You can certainly lose weight very quickly, but you can also gain it back once you stop the diet.  Another concern with diets for rapid weight loss is the side effects that accompany many of them.  Most of the methods are drastic and will inevitably result in some discomfort.  Take a look at these top diets for rapid weight loss to see if any of them will fit your needs.

3 Day Diet
As the name suggests, the 3 Day Diet plan is to be followed for three days.  The plan promises weight loss of up to ten pounds during the three days if the plan is followed stringently.  Also often called the Cleveland Clinic Diet, this is a fad diet that dates back to 1985.  For long term adherence a dieter may opt to use the follow the diet for three days, eat normal for four or five days and then resume the 3 Day Diet.

It is an extreme diet and we do not recommend it.  Click the title for a chart of the meal plans included in the 3 Day Diet.

7 Day Diet

Another fad diet (with an unknown origin) promising results in a specific time frame is the 7 Day Diet.   Even though it is unbalanced and low in calories, this diet utilizes a different food group each day.  The 7 Day Diet does however have dieters who will testify of its positive results.

Though an extreme diet, the one benefit we can see is the easy digestion that comes with the 7 Day Diet.  By eating mono meals your digestive system has less variation of foods to process.  Click the title of the diet for a sample meal plan.

Atkins Diet 

Also known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach, this is a low-carbohydrate diet created by Robert Atkins.  The Atkins diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body’s metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored body fat to energy. Candies, cookies, potatoes, bananas, apples and alcoholic drinks are to be avoided in an Atkins diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is as the name implies.  You are instructed to drink cabbage soup – along with other diet foods, vegetables and some fruits – for one full week.  Another fad diet promising weight loss in seven days, the cabbage soup diet does not provide many necessary nutrients and is low in calories.  Many variations of the Cabbage Soup Diet have circulated the globe for an unknown (but several) number of years.  This diet promises dieters will lose 10-15 pounds in 7 days.

This diet does not include exercise which is a major part of healthy weight loss.  Click on the diet title for sample meal plan and ingredients.

Diabetic Diet

The main advantage of the diabetic diet is that, it helps to lower the glucose level and is also useful in weight loss. This low carbohydrate diet will stop the intake of sugar and white flour. Bread products, starch containing vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, tortilla and chicken are allowed on a diabetic diet. If you are on a diabetic diet, you should avoid the consumption of sugars and sweets.

Liquid Diet

If you need an easy diet that works fast for both, men and women, then consider trying a liquid diet.  Liquid diets are very straight forward.  You will only consume liquid foods and abstain completely from all solid foods during the diet.  You can use fruit juices, soups, broths, and milkshakes to create your liquid diet. 

Low Carb Diet

A low carb diet means you will drastically reduce your carbohydrates and fats but still get your needed vitamins and minerals.  These diets are very popular but before leaping into a new program, please consult a trusted health professional.  There are several low carb diets like the South Beach diet but you can create your own diet by simply reducing your carbs and only consuming healthy fats.  Sample foods from a low card diet include: broccoli, chicken, eggs, herbs, sea bass, spinach and strawberries.

Low Glycemic Index Diet

The glycemic index diet has been known to work fast for women with diabetes. Pregnant women are advised to eat a low glycemic meal, to increase the chances of healthy babies after birth.  Another advantage of a low glycemic diet is that, it helps women control their weight and reduce fat in problem areas like thighs and abdomen. This diet is also very good for women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

Low glycemic foods include avocadoes, asparagus, beans, cabbage, cucumber, green beans, lettuce and snow peas. Whole grain bread, skimmed milk, low fat ice-creams and fat free milk are included in the low glycemic foods list.


Master Cleanse Diet

Also known as the maple syrup and the lemonade diet, the master cleanse diet is yet another extreme diet that has dieters who attest to its success.  The most popular of dieters who praises its results is Beyonce Knowles (Beyonce Diet), who lost 20 pounds on the diet in preparation for the movie Dream Girls.  This completely liquid diet promises weight loss in ten days and has been around for over 50 years.

Side effects of the Master Cleanse include: acidity, cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, food cravings, headache, hunger pangs, indigestion, lightheadedness, mouth sores, nausea, fatigue, sweating and toothaches.  Click on the title of the diet for a full explanation of ingredients and instructions.

Medifast Diet

Medifast was originally developed by a Johns Hopkins University physician to help surgery patients lose weight quickly prior to their surgery. The Medifast diet will consist of five to six meals daily and include foods like poultry, seafood, salad cups and raw vegetables. Medifast promises you will 2-5 lbs per week safely and quickly without feeling hungry.  This is a very popular diet and comes highly recommended by physicians.

Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet requires that you only eat raw, organic and uncooked food. This is one of the best diets to eliminate processed and fast foods. You can include fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs, beans, beverages, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, etc. in your diet. The raw food diet is a great way to cleanse your body and lose weight in a short period of time.

Zone Diet

Created by author Barry Sears, the Zone diet is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates.  It aims to strengthen your body against heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  It also suggests your success with the diet will include enhanced athletic abilities along with rapid weight loss. The Zone diet will help to maintain the balance of hormones, improve intelligence and your increase energy.


For additional nutrition facts and health tips visit our Health and Nutrition page to start your balanced diet.


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