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Purple GrapesDiabetics are fully aware of the need to balance a mixture of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.   To maintain healthy blood-glucose levels for insulin dependent diabetics, eating more than just three times a day is recommended; and here is where some healthy, potent, tasty, snacks stake their claim.

Peanuts–Little Guys With Big Benefits!

30 g = 1 oz.**Calories = 165

An ounce of good ol’ peanuts are good for your heart–what a surprise!  They generously supply monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are actually beneficial to one’s heart and slow down the digestion process to help stabilize blood-sugar levels.  They are a great source of protein and research indicates they can help one lose weight.  Additionally, they are rich in fiber and magnesium which have been shown to regulate blood sugar; and peanuts are packed with “good” fat, which means they won’t raise blood sugar like crackers and pretzels do.

String Cheese–An Appealing Choice!

30 g = 1 oz.  fat-free string cheese**Calories = 80

Peal ’em and love ’em!  These tasty little morsels are full of sugar-steadying protein; and the calcium and vitamins benefit one’s overall health.  Cheese has a very low glycemic index and won’t move the blood-sugar needle one, single bit!   Low-glycemic foods improve how the body reacts to insulin.

Popcorn–Light As Air!

4 cups air-popped**Calories = 100

These fluffy nuggets are low in calories and high in fiber and protein, which is good for a diabetic’s diet; but that’s not even the best part.  These innocent-looking fluffs have enough power to actually improve glucose metabolism…believe it or not!

Grapes–Sweetness And Light!

20 grapes**Calories = 100

These power-packed juice balls are full of water which makes them, naturally, low in calories.  Psychologically, as each grape is popped in your mouth, your brain gets fooled into thinking it is getting more food than it actually is.   A great way to stave off those hunger pangs.  Nutritious and a good source of vitamins, they also contain antioxidants that rid your system of free radicals.  Research indicates a component in red grapes may actually help fight diabetes due to a ‘phytochemical’ called resveratrol.

Vegetables–Mix ‘Em Up!

1-2 cups sliced and raw**Calories = 35

Mixing carrots with radishes, green onions, snow peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, or bell peppers, etc.–These beautiful works of art are low in calories and packed with needed fiber to make one feel full.  Also, plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants abound.  Diabetics can eat 3-5 servings a day, or more, since they are low in saturated fats.  When you can, leave the skins intact; that’s where most of the nutrients and fiber are!

Apples–One A Day Keeps The Doctor Away…

1 medium apple**Calories = 80

Talk about good for you!  First, apples are not off-limits as one might think.   Research confirms that with pre-diabetes conditions, apples can keep people from developing diabetes; and during the 24 hours after eating an apple, pre-diabetes symptoms can actually diminish.

Apples are loaded with fiber; and a single apple is as beneficial as a bowl of bran cereal and contributes 20% of daily fiber recommendations.  Due to the high fiber content, blood sugars are, actually, controlled by being released more slowly into the blood.  One apple, with the skin, has the same antioxidant benefits of 1500 grams of vitamin C!

If you go more than four or five hours between meals, a mid-afternoon snack can help keep blood-sugar steady.   Snacking is also important if you are taking medication that could cause a blood-sugar low between meals.  Snacks can help curb hunger while adding a nutritious energy boost to your day; but choose those snacks wisely!

This is a guest post.  Miss Carlson writes regularly on the topic of diabetes and lives in the mid-west.  One of her topics is insulin dependent diabetes.

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