Extending The Life Of Fruit And Veg With Packaging Film

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According to a United Nations report, around a third of all food produced is subsequently wasted. This is an awful lot of food, especially considering that there are so many people in the world who have to go hungry on a daily basis. So, anything that we can do to prevent and reduce food wastage is a step in the right direction. Not only is it great for the environment, which is a hot topic right now, it also saves you money.

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How often have you come in to find that your fruit or vegetables have started to go bad before their sell by dates? It’s an annoying feeling, knowing that you’ve wasted both money and valuable resources. Well, a new product from Plastiroll could help to avoid this problem altogether.

Amongst Europe’s leading biodegradable packaging producers, Plastiroll have come up with a packaging roll which is both transparent and biodegradable, and serves to extend the shelf life of fruit, vegetables, and other fresh produce.

This new invention is the product of two years of research and development, and is going to take the packaging world by storm. This packaging film is ideal for fruit and veg, due to its breathable membrane which helps keep produce fresher for longer.

The film is made from corn starch and other corn based materials, meaning that it can be disposed of with other food waste and will degrade in a similar manner. It is also GMO free.

Plastiroll’s new bio-film has very similar properties to plastic films – including look, texture and strength – but it offers many advantages to its conventional counterparts. Not only is it cheaper and easier to dispose of, it has great eco-friendly status, which is a huge consideration to a lot of consumers nowadays. It also requires a lower heat to seal it compared to regular plastic film products, which means less energy is used whilst packaging produce.

The product has been extensively tested with customers in Europe, who have confirmed that it vastly improves the longevity of their fresh fruit and vegetable products. This bio-film aids in forming a balance between humidity, and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide that can permeate the packaging. This has the effect of slowing down the rate at which fresh produce degrades.

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This new film from Plastiroll is sealable, just like other similar plastic films. It’s possible to package products either using the bio-film alone, or in conjunction with some kind of tray or carton packaging. The film is available in a range of thickness and roll widths, according to customer needs and specifications.

This means this means it can be fitted to almost any type of packaging machine. The company has also developed a way of creating multilayer materials. These materials are made from different kinds of bio-materials, sandwiched together.

They are extremely flexible in their use and purpose, so can be tailored to most customer requirements. The films can be made stronger, and with a higher tolerance to water vapor, grease and various gases.

In 2010 Plastiroll put a serious investment into the production of biodegradable films, seeing a demand in the market for more environmentally friendly films and other packaging materials. This money allowed them to double the company’s capacity for producing biodegradable products, and also let them put more money into developing such items.

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Since 1997, Plastiroll have been producing a variety of biodegradable and eco-friendly materials for packaging. With the current trend for all things environmentally sound, this range of products is only likely to increase.

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