Fall Workout Routines

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Fall Workout Routines

Need some fall workout routines?  When the warm summer months start to fade, so does our motivation to exercise.  The sun sets earlier, the days become chilly and our enthusiasm levels out.

So what can you do to stay in shape?  You don’t feel like dragging yourself to the gym or maybe you don’t even have a gym membership?  There are lots of activities that will keep your blood pumping.


1. Visit the Zoo – with a couple friends or your family. You will get some exercise as you walk through all of the exhibits and learn a thing or two about the animals.

2. Shop at Outlet Malls – and spend some time outdoors.  You can either do some window shopping to check out the new fall fashions or you can get caught up on some shopping.  The walking will do wonders for your legs and the socializing/interaction can improve your mood.

3. Clean and Organize – your home and your car for the upcoming season.   Play some music while you pack away your summer gear and unpack your winter wardrobe.  Make sure you car has all the right supplies for the winter.  All the lifting and walking will help to tone your muscles.

4. Raking Leaves – is a simple but effective workout. It’s a great activity that targets your upper body strength with some cardio thrown in the mix.

5. Brisk Walks – can be a quick and relaxing way to increase your stamina and energy level. Your fall exercises don’t have to be very long and extensive. A brisk walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes is easy and it gets the job done.

Tell us what tips you plan to use this fall to stay in shape and keep your blood pumping.


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