Four Famous Vegans who Inspire their Fans

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The decision to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle may sound daunting, and is surrounded by many misconceptions. However, anybody considering making the switch can draw some inspiration from some of the world’s most famous vegans; many of the celebrities we look up to – from athletes to chefs to actors – are known for being vegan or vegetarian. Let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s best-known vegans:

Woody Harrelson

The 51-year-old actor is known for taking on plenty of “tough guy” roles – think Natural Born Killers, Zombieland and most recently, The Hunger Games – but he has a soft spot for animals, and he’s long been aware of how veganism can boost overall health and well being. After giving up meet and dairy at the age of 24, this famous vegan noticed a great improvement in his skin and increased energy levels. He also stopped eating sugar and flour – those Twinkies you saw him wolfing down in Zombieland were actually vegan treats made from cornmeal!

This year, Woody Harrelson (who is famous for being a committed environmental activist as well as a vegan) was named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian, along with gorgeous fellow celebrity Jessica Chastain.

Lea Michele

This rising starlet became famous for her golden voice, but she has a heart of gold as well. The vegan star of Glee is an animal lover and strives to keep her body in peak condition – naturally, a vegan diet provides the ideal solution on both counts. “It’s about being good to your body and the planet” says Lea. Hopefully the beautiful and talented young celebrity’s decision to go vegan will inspire her loyal following of “Gleeks” to follow suit!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

This celebrity power-couple are truly beautiful both inside and out – both Ellen and Portia love animals and this was their primary reason for going vegan. “We are such animal lovers, why stop short of cows and chickens?” says talk show host Ellen. Portia found her body responded well to veganism, and the dietary choice helps her keep her gorgeous figure trim and slim.

Both these lovely ladies are famous for their animal activism as well as their vegan lifestyle choice; Portia supports a cat protection organisation called Alley Cat Allies, and Ellen has been part of the “Adopt-a-Turkey” initiative, which encouraged Americans to adopt a Turkey at Thanksgiving rather than eating one. The couple are crazy about their three dogs and four cats, and proud to be vegans.

These healthy, beautiful vegan celebrities are living proof that one can follow a diet free of animal products successfully – improving their health and lowering their environmental impact in the process. Take some tips from these famous vegans and you might just be amazed at the results.


This is a guest post.  Nicky Warner is a freelance writer who loves animals and thinks a vegetarian or vegan diet keeps her conscience as healthy as her body. Nicky also eats plenty of vegan-friendly protein bars to make sure her diet is properly balanced. 


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