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photodune-834415-running-mIf you’ve made the decision to get fit, or set yourself a more specific fitness goal, your first step might be to sign up at your local gym. Now, although this might be the best solution, before you hand over your money it’s worth considering the alternatives.

Build a Home Gym

A home gym can be a great option for most people. It gives you complete flexibility and control over your training. It’s also there whenever you need it. This can be a great thing for your fitness.

If you have a comfortable, well equipped gym in your own home, you are far more likely to use it than if you have to get in the car and drive for 15 minutes to get to a busy, overcrowded gym!

One of the common concerns about setting up a home gym is the cost. If this is a concern, just think of it as an investment. Your home gym will save you a fortune in gym membership fees each year. In just a year or two it will have paid for itself!

Get Outside!

If you join a gym, the money that you pay each month will often help motivate you to use the gym when you might not feel like it. While this can be a really good thing, it does also have a downside. If you’ve paid for a gym membership, you want to use it as much as possible.

This includes days when it’s sunny and warm outside! If it’s sunny outside you shouldn’t be running on a treadmill, you should be out in the fresh air! If you don’t have the commitment of a gym membership, you can match your training to the weather. This means you will get more sun, more fresh air and feel much healthier.

Join a Club

It depends a little on what your own personal fitness goals are, but joining a sports club or team can often be a great way to stay motivated and meet new people. Are you training for a 10K? Why not join a running club? What sports did you enjoy when you were at school?

Hockey? Football? Why not go along to your local team? Joining a team or club can be much cheaper and much more fun than simply signing up to your local gym. In most cases, they are also better for your fitness!

Do you want to get fit? Does the gym put you off?

Why not try one of these alternatives?

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