Great Ways To Stay In Shape

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Going to the gym can get boring, not to mention expensive! Doing the same old exercises every day will bring your results to a grinding halt, and it will make you want to quit altogether. We all dread the fitness plateau, but you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to avoid them. There are plenty of other ways to tone and shape, and none of them involve weights or complicated gym machines.

  • Put on your dancing shoes. Let’s face it- dancing is so fun you won’t have to force yourself to go! It can be as easy as taking a dance class, hiring an instructor, going out dancing on a Saturday night, or playing a dance-based video game.
  • Play racquet-and-ball sports. Head outdoors for a game of badminton, or if you’re more serious about your sport, go to a local club with courts. All racquet sports are a great cardiovascular workout, and they’ll work every muscle in your body as well.
  • Play some video games. We’re not talking about the couch-potato variety; we’re talking about movement-based games. They’ll have you moving, jumping, dancing, reaching, swinging, kicking and running in place- and you’ll definitely feel it the next day! Play for an hour a day, and you’ll get into tip-top shape without ever setting foot in a gym.
  • Walk the dog. Taking your furry friend for a walk is great for both of you, but be sure to pick up the pace a little so your heart rate is elevated. If you don’t own a dog, recruit a friend (or two) for a brisk walk around the local park. You’ll get exercise and quality time, too!

  • Get jumpy. They aren’t just for kids- trampolines are a great workout for adults, too. If you don’t have access to a trampoline, use a jump rope; you can work out with a rope almost anywhere, and they’re so portable you can take them wherever you go. Just a few minutes of fast rope-jumping is sure to have you breathless.
  • Play some games. If you can get a team together, why not have a pickup volleyball or basketball game? These sports are so fun, you’ll forget that you’re working out. It doesn’t matter whether your game is soccer, football, or even hockey- if you like to play, get to it!
  • Get wet. Water isn’t just for swimming; if you live near a body of water, take a beach ball or Frisbee for a friendly game. If you have a pool at home, you can play water volleyball, or just swim laps if you wish.
  • Skate or bike. Both roller skating and biking are excellent ways to tone and shape the lower body; you can go to a local park when it’s quiet, or for longer-distance treks. If you don’t live in the country or near a trail, your local roller rink provides a great opportunity for a fun workout.
  • Use an at-home workout program. Programs like P90X and Tapout XT give you the benefits of a home personal trainer without all the expense. The programs mentioned above will transform your body and whip you into shape in just three months’ time.

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