Heads Up: Why Good Posture Is Important

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We’ve seen those graceful ballerina-types gliding through life with their fragile, aloof bearing. Does it come from years of bending themselves into impossible positions? Believe it or not, this ‘sense’ is from their posture and even if you’re not a dancer it’s important that you try to emulate this facet of their behaviour. Here’s why:

1. It projects confidence

What is the first thing you notice about someone? You might think it’s hair or eyes – and indeed, most people take painstaking care over the way they dress. But in fact, it’s the posture we notice most of all. Upright posture projects confidence, whilst slouched or slumped posture looks careless and unconfident.

Think about it the next time you see someone stooping. What message are they projecting?

2. Maintains spinal health

If there’s one area you don’t want to mess with, it’s your spine. As the column that holds up the whole body, our spine is incredibly important – and yet, we put it through its paces, day after day, by jumping, sitting for hours or sleeping on a poor-quality mattress. We all know someone who experiences chronic back pain and whilst there can be a variety of causes, one of the most common is poor posture. Poor posture adds unnecessary stress to the spine and can eventually damage it, causing pain and disability.

Your spine supports you – why not support your spine?

3. Breathe easier

Most of us know that our breathing is controlled by the diaphragm, the sheet of muscle underneath the lungs that help to create the correct amount of pressure in the lungs. Like any muscle, the diaphragm will function best when it’s in the correct position because all the muscles and tendons are optimally placed. Just try breathing deeply when you’re slouched or bent over. Your diaphragm isn’t given the room to work properly.

What is the best position? Do as your mother always told you – sit up straight! You might find this a little challenging to maintain at first because we’re so used to slouching when we sit, but a few minutes of sitting up straight will re-train your body.

4. Better circulation

The great thing about getting enough oxygen into your lungs is that it improves oxygen transport. More oxygen going through your body means more oxygen going to your muscles and vital organs, encouraging optimum functioning.

5. Lose weight

As if you needed a more compelling reason to maintain good posture! Sitting or standing upright actually makes you instantly slimmer. Your clothes are also designed for an upright frame (after all, have you ever seen a slouching mannequin?) and will hang better from an upright body with good posture.

As an added bonus, maintaining good posture means that you don’t squash your abdominal cavity by slumping, which gives the stomach and its surrounding organs room to function properly. This aids digestion, which can mean that you’re helping your stomach to do its job.

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This is a guest post.  Kate Lee is a freelance writer and health advocate, specialising in natural health solutions. She often writes for various health websites and in her spare time writes for latex mattress Portland company, Parklane.


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