Healing Foods for High Blood Pressure

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Healing Foods for High Blood Pressure

In our last post, we mentioned that a high-fiber, low-sodium diet can help you win the war against hypertension. Hypertension is simply high blood pressure and it can cause havoc if not carefully corrected. As with many health ailments, healing foods can help correct your blood pressure issue.

Foods to Lower Hypertension

Fortunately, there are several food or nutrients that may help protect against high blood pressure. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be emphasized in a high blood pressure diet as they contain beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants. Chives, leeks and onions contain allium compounds, an important phytochemical. Allium compounds have been found to help lower blood pressure. Garlic reduces blood clotting and lowers blood pressure as well.

Potassium helps maintain the body’s normal balance of salt and fluid. Varying amounts of potassium are found in most fruits and vegetables, lean meats, potatoes and legumes, and whole-grain products.

Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, and whole oats are a good source of magnesium. Magnesium has been found helpful in the management of high blood pressure. In fact, whole grains are a good source of B vitamins, Vitamin E, iron and fiber, as well as other valuable antioxidants. Care should be taken when purchasing foods marketed as “whole grain” as, many times, these foods are not genuine whole grain products. Look for the Whole Grain Stamp or for the word “whole” in the ingredient list.

An adequate calcium intake is important for the regulation of high blood pressure. It is especially effective in reducing the risk of toxemia in pregnancy. Calcium can be obtained by consuming low-fat milk products such as low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. The diet should provide at least two to three servings of a low-fat milk product per day.

Wheatgrass, of which I have spoken before, is an excellent ally when it comes to high blood pressure. Wheatgrass stimulates the capillaries, which helps the blood to circulate better. The chlorophyll and oxygen in wheatgrass are very effective in the war against high blood pressure.

Other Lifestyle Changes for Regulating Blood Pressure

While a healthy diet is certainly instrumental in maintaining normal blood pressure, it should be combined with other lifestyle changes. One of the most important elements to couple with good eating habits is regular exercise. Whole body exercise, such as aerobics, lowers blood pressure by conditioning the heart to work more efficiently.

There should be no qualms about quitting smoking when it comes to lifestyle changes for regulating blood pressure. Nicotine is definitely harmful. Also, precaution should be exercised when using medication. If possible, seek out an herbalist to learn natural alternatives for treating health conditions. Work on getting rid of stress by spending time resting or relaxing. An over-busy schedule will be a setback to any benefits derived from a new, healthy diet.

Do you know of any lifestyle changes or healing foods that would help stabilize blood pressure? Feel free the share below.


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