Health Screenings: 4 Vital Tests You Need

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Health ScreeningsOne of the most important parts of your preventative health care is screening tests.

Early detection tests of potentially deadly illnesses or diseases can catch many of these culprits before they become life-threatening.

With important information from the various blood tests, your physician can work with you to implement a plan to improve your health and extend your life.


Cholesterol begins to build in the body’s system as early as childhood.

By the time you’ve reached your adult years, the fatty substances may have begun to build up in your arteries and can affect your heart.Heart disease is the number one cause of death among adults, and your cholesterol level can affect your chances of experiencing this deadly disease.

Screening is extremely important because most individuals fail to experience symptoms of high cholesterol. Adults 20 years and older should have a fasting lipid profile taken every five years. For individuals with extremely high cholesterol, you may need to have screenings taken more often.

If you visit sites online, such as, you can find easily accessible ways to have important tests administered to monitor your health.


One of the seventh leading causes of death in the United States is diabetes and over 26 million people over the age of 20 have been diagnosed with this serious disease. Physical inactivity, health issues and being overweight can all contribute to diabetes.

Another 85 million individuals have pre-diabetes with blood glucose levels exceeding what would be deemed the normal range. Complications can include hypertension, stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and more. Over 65 percent of lower limb amputations have occurred because of diabetes.

Testing should be done early, especially if you’re showing symptoms at the early stages of life. A simple eye exam can often detect diabetes. Depending on the stage of your diabetes, testing may be performed regularly to keep it in check.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are common sexually transmitted diseases and many times people who are infected will not show any symptoms. These silent killers can cause infertility and other health issues if left undiagnosed.

While these diseases are typically higher in young people, anyone who is sexually active is at risk for these types of diseases and testing is advised. If you’ve had multiple partners and failed to use condoms, you need to be tested regularly.

Colorectal Cancer

The third most common cancer among adults was found to be colorectal cancer. It’s also the second deadliest cancer in the United States and can be treatable if detected at its early stages.

Risks associated with this serious form of cancer include diet, genetics and lifestyle. Testing should begin at the age of 40. However, if you have a family history, you can begin testing earlier.

Today’s technology has allowed adults to be tested quickly and easily with an online lab facility. In some cases, patients can get important lab results within a day of their online testing.

However, the lab services are not to be used in place of a physician’s care and are simply helpful in identifying risk factors for illnesses and diseases. Your physician can then implement the right course of action.

In addition to the ease and privacy of these online testing facilities, patients can save on insurance premiums, obtain peace of mind and maintain proper health and wellness maintenance.

Nadine Swayne knows the importance of monitoring your health and presents this information to help others. You can research online, at sites like, to find facilities that offer an array of tests to give you assurance when it comes down to your health and well-being.

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