Healthy Eating for Busy Students

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College Student Eating AppleMany students use the excuse that they are too busy to eat right when studying. This idea can lead to a litany of health issues, some of which wind up as long term chronic illness. If you neglect your health now expect to experience a life time of sickness. You might even shorten your life span by years due to the poor diet choices you make today.

Forget the idea that you have no time to eat right. Many busy, successful students remain healthy while working part or full time jobs. You simply have to prioritize, meaning you need to commit 100% to maintaining a healthy diet before all else. If you commit you have no issues getting good grades while keeping your health and wellness paramount in your life.

Buy Your Meals from the Local Market or Grocery Store

Stop making the excuse that you have no time to go to the market to pick up your meals. Buying fast food each day as a busy student eats into your wallet quickly and it also adds unnecessary inches to your waist. Cease this silly habit and begin buying fresh fruits and vegetables from your local grocer. Consume healthy complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole wheat bread to provide yourself with energy and eat healthy fats like olive oil and natural peanut butter to remain satiated.

Buying your food from the grocery store ensures that your cabinets and fridge are chock full of healthy foods when you need to snack during a particularly rigorous study session.

Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours to Boost Your Metabolism and Remain Satiated

Eating small, frequent meals every three to four hours helps you reduce hunger pangs while providing your body with a steady flow of nutrients. Busy students often need an energetic pick me up. There is no better way to keep your blood sugar levels steady than to consume nutritious foods frequently. No need to eat a full blown meal each time you nosh every four hours: you can simply eat an apple or other piece of fresh fruit, or you can decide to chow down on whole wheat crackers.

Consume tiny meals frequently to ensure that you are eating healthy foods while maintaining a busy study schedule. Bring small tupperware containers full of nutritious food to school. Also drink at least eight or more 8 ounce glasses of water through the day to remain satiated and improve cell function.

Decide to Make Your Health the Number One Priority in Your Life

This is a tough one I know. You want to sacrifice your health to get good grades or to earn a higher paycheck but you are doomed in the long run. If you give up taking care of yourself now you are almost guaranteed to run into a series of health issues when you grow older, or you might even fall ill now if you neglect eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Commit to taking care of your body now to ensure that you reap the rewards of receiving your degree. The long term – and short term – payoff Is well worth the sacrifices you make now during your study years. Keep eating healthy and let go the idea that you cannot get good grades, work a job and eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

You will have to make sacrifices but always remember that sacrificing is releasing something of a lower order to make room for something of a higher order.

Use these tips to maintain a healthy diet while busy with school today.

This is a guest post.  Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to stay healthy while balancing the busy schedule that comes with pursuing your degree; follow the links to learn more about a variety of online degree programs, such as the internet marketing MBA.

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