How Many People in American Have Allergies?

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In the United States, 1 in 5 people have allergies or asthma related symptoms. This means over half of all people in the U.S. have at least one type of allergy. Around 8 percent of people have asthma, and 2 million of these are adults age 65 or older. This high level of allergies and asthma symptoms results in 10.5 million missed school days and 4 million missed work days every year. This is estimated to cost the United States health care system and businesses almost $8 billion annually.

There are several causes to these high numbers of allergies and asthma related cases. One of these is genetics. Children are more likely to develop an allergy if one parent also has an allergy. If both parents have allergies, a child’s likelihood of becoming allergic to something increases even more.

Other common triggers are pet dander and indoor air pollution. Pet dander is very common, and trace levels of dander can be found in almost every household, regardless if there is a pet present there or not. Indoor air pollution is another factor, especially since the level of air pollutants inside is much more concentrated than it is outside.

With Americans spending the majority of their lives inside and being exposed to pet dander and other pollutants, this can greatly contribute to high numbers of allergies and asthma related cases.

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