How Medical Clinics Are Preparing For ObamaCare

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Medical ProfessionalHospitals and clinics are getting ready for the large crowd of patients, who are covered under Obamacare.

Clinics are expecting more and more patients to visit their facilities, once the Obamacare medical plan is finally released.

Nearly 500,000 people in the Washington area along are expected to be covered under this plan.

Some medical facilities are too small to accommodate the large number of patients that are anticipating.

For this reason, several clinics are considering expanding their medical facilities or moving into larger buildings.

They are preparing for larger clinics, better and bigger medical equipment, extended hours and more patient rooms and larger waiting areas.

The majority of people, who are expected to take advantage of Obamacare, have never had insurance coverage.

Some of the newly insured may choose to visit private doctors, and other may choose to attend a local clinic.

Many clinics are already making plans to expand their facilities in preparation of the huge demand in new patients, and increased medical care.

Big Boost in Numbers Means More Physicicans

Some clinics are already serving an estimated 50,000 patients per year, and other clinics are serving at least 100,000 patients. However, those numbers are expected to increase, once Obamacare becomes effective.

Other ways clinics and the medical industry is preparing for Obama, is by training qualified physicians. Many physicians are not willing to accept new patients under the Obamacare plan, because the reimbursements are not worth their time.

To counteract this decision, there is talk of training LPNs, RNs and Physician Assistants to handle the increase of patients. In Washington the Obamacare covers the entire cost of additional coverage.

This coverage is granted under the Affordable Care Act, and states are expected to pay their part of 10% after a three year period.

Utilizing New Automated Services To Improve Patient Care

Many healthcare facilities are also implanting other services as well, they will increase patient participation. The Obamacare plan reaches out to individuals and families who don’t have the income or resources to get to the clinic.

Certain lack of necessities can play a major role in whether or not people can or want to receive medical care. The most obvious concerns are not just physical but psychological. Lack of transportation, no income and language problems are major hindrances in the delivery of medical care.

Many physicians and clinics are looking into other options to help keep them afloat. The hiring or installation of a medical answering service, can keep doctors abreast of what’s happening when they are away.

More and more doctors are expected to be on call, as thousands of new patients rush into the nearest medical facility for medical treatment.

Some organizations expect Obamacare to fail, but others see it has a much needed service for the community. Millions of people have been without the means to visit a doctor, for even the simplest complaints, due to their lack of funds or insurance.

Obamacare is providing a level playing field for everyone. The rich, the poor, the old and the young, now have an opportunity to visit a clinic, a doctor or another type of healthcare facility. They too can get the medical attention they need, so they can improve their quality of life.

With the anticipation of new patients stronger services are being implemented. Most patients will probably be eligible for Medi-Cal or some other form of insurance, which is geared toward individuals with little or no insurance at all.

Many hospitals and clinics are also looking to staff more physicians. Urgent care facilities are expected to be the hardest hit, probably due to their limited wait times.

Other Aspects of ObamaCare

Some healthcare industries are already providing free care to communities, and Obamacare will only generate some of those expenses back into the pot, to be spent on more services.

What clinics are doing to get ready for the increase number of patients demanding medical care is simple;

  • They will prepare their staff
  • Train more nurses
  • Hire more doctors
  • Move into bigger and better buildings
  • And open their doors to those individuals who have never set foot in a clinic or doctors office before.

Getting ready for Obamacare is expensive, no doubt. The large increase patient care is sure to have an impact on doctors looking for work, and those coming out of retirement.

Shara Johnstone is a RN in Dublin, Ohio. She is also a part of a non-profit who is trying to get medical clinics ready for ObamaCare.

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