How Nutritious is the Potato?

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Why does the potato get a raw deal when it comes to discussing the nutritional value of foods? Often described as shapeless and lumpy, this vegetable has a bit of an image problem. But did you know that the humble potato contains more nutrients than many of its vegetable counterparts? For example the potato is virtually fat-free and one potato provides 28% of the daily requirement of potassium. It also provides 39% of daily vitamin B6 requirement, vital for renewing cells and regulating your mood.

There are also some interesting facts about the potato you may not have already known about. Did you know that suspicious Europeans fed potatoes to their animals  as they associated the potato plant with witches and devils. China is the world’s top potato-producing country producing 73 million metric tonnes per year, followed by India with 34 million metric tonnes. The smell of a baked potato also triggers uplifting memories and makes us happier. For this and more interesting facts about the potato, read on.

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