How to Deal with Excess Body Hair

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body hair removalLooking in the mirror and feeling frustrated at finding unwanted body hair can often be exhausting. For women who struggle with this challenge, many have a long list of reasons in mind of why they would rather not deal with this problem anymore.

Sure, you can be a committed shaver and if anything be somewhat of an expert with the razor. However, the constant need to shave and remove excess body hair can become an irritant which simply drives you crazy as it takes up precious time of your day.

Interestingly there have been improvements in shaving techniques and equipment such as razors which have a lotion included in them so you can use them more often or ones that have three blades for a smoother shave or even ones that have treatments in them which will heal your skin after you have hacked at the forest of growth on your body.

However, the simple fact still remains that shaving is limited in how long its effect will last.

More Skin Damage

For many, simply having a hair treatment that lasts a little longer is helpful and even bleaching is another option in that case. For women with sensitive skin however, bleaching has to be done very carefully and it usually leaves small, painful blisters behind in the wake of the chemical assault on skin.


Waxing at home is big business as women spend millions of pounds annually on smearing heated wax on their unwelcome hair. Although this treatment lasts longer than shaving and definitely weakens the follicle shaft, dealing with the mess and pain isn’t most women’s cup of tea.

Waxing in a salon has a hidden dangerous side, as salons re-use the wax from one client to another. There’s some debate as to the safety of this procedure; since the reuse of wax isn’t regulated, some have questioned the possibility of bacteria growth and spread of it between clients.

Without water, there should be no problem with bacteria, salon owners say. However, if the client before you had a small piece of skin pulled off with the wax and it was introduced into the mix, even heating the wax at the temperatures salons use, will not kill all bacteria. Yet the fact is that the wax cannot be applied to the skin if it is hot enough to kill bacteria.

In order to properly sterilize wax, a dry heating method is best, with the wax baked in an oven at 170° C for an hour. Even in the best salons, estheticians are likely not to use this practice, as clients often come and go expecting to be served quickly.

Privacy is Nirvana

Laser treatment in a salon has become a highly effective way to significantly reduce unwanted hair. In certain circumstances, laser hair removal can be the ideal solution.

Using concentrated light aimed at the hair follicle is safe and popular due to the long term results. Generally at least six or more sessions are needed for maximum effects (with occasional top-up appointments a bit further down the line).

Privacy however, is still a critical issue for many women and therefore home use is important. If women can achieve the same results in the comfort of their homes as in a salon for permanent solutions to hair reduction, the preference for many is to find a home solution.

They much prefer the ability to control other factors at home such as timing, frequency and hygiene. Therefore Laser hair removal for women when carried out in the privacy and comfort of their own homes makes so much sense.

Clinically Proven

Much more effective than IPL (intense pulsed light); laser hair removal is a safe and easy way to achieve excellent results. There is only one clinically proven professional hand held laser in the UK, the Tria Laser Hair Removal device.

Lasers target the melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicle and disable the follicle so as to stop future growth.

Whether you are dealing with excess body hair from genetics or ethnicity, choices now are refreshingly updated and expanded. This hand held, cordless laser can be used for effective laser hair removal with the same results as the laser treatments in salons.

Hazel Barnes is a former beauty therapist turned writer and loves to share her best beauty and skin care tips. She recommends the Tria Laser Hair Removal device is an excellent option for removing excess body hair.


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