How To Ensure Your Teeth Stay In Tip Top Condition

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Girl Holding Tooth BrushFor many of us our teeth make us feel confident to smile and talk freely to people we meet, but how do we ensure our teeth stay in great condition in order to continue feeling this confidence?

It’s so secret that throughout our life time our teeth will suffer decay and discoloration. So how do we ensure our teeth last our life time in great condition? And are we doing everything we can to take care of them?

Brushing Correctly

If you haven’t already, you need to invest in an electric toothbrush. Using a manual toothbrush works fine and this is how people have cleaned their teeth for a long time, but an electric toothbrush works even better, so if you have the option to look after your teeth better, take it! Here’s how to use an electric tooth brush properly-

  • Ensure you always brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day- preferably first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Never brush your teeth straight after a meal, always wait at least an hour. Brushing your teeth after eating will result in rubbing acids and sugars into the enamel of your teeth causing damage.
  • When brushing your teeth start with the front surfaces of your teeth, followed by the chewing surfaces and then the back of your teeth.
  • Finish by brushing your tongue banishing bacteria from your mouth.


Many people use flossing incorrectly to get pieces of food out of their teeth. While this is good, flossing shouldn’t be reserved for use when you have something stuck in your teeth. Floss morning and night after brushing. Here’s how to floss properly-

  • Take a piece of floss that is the same length of your forearm.
  • Hold it so that you have a few inches taught between your hands.
  • Slide the floss between the gaps in your teeth and floss up and down with around ten strokes per tooth.
  • Use the whole length of floss, using a new section when you have used the piece between your hands for a couple of teeth.

Foods To Avoid

Most foods will cause some level of decay to teeth over time if you are not looking after your teeth properly, but some will cause more problems than others. Here are the foods to avoid for optimum smile care

  • Sweets high in sugar or chocolate- These should always be eaten in moderation as high levels of sugar cause decay to teeth.
  • Sugary soft drinks- These contain a lot more sugar than you would expect. Try to avoid these or drink low calorie versions. If you have to have the sugary options use a straw to drink from so as to minimize contact with teeth.
  • Coffee- although coffee will not damage your teeth (unless you add lots of sugar) it will cause discoloration
  • Red Wine- This will also cause discoloration, try drinking with a straw if you can’t give up this treat.

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