How to Improve Digestion

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Human-Digestive-SystemA functioning gut is critical to how much of a food’s nutrients our bodies absorb.  Some people have excellent function guts; others can really struggle which can lead to, among other things, malnourishment.

The first step to take before investing a lot money into pills and supplements is to first have your digestive system checked by a practitioner who can examine your amino acid levels and your waste to determine to what degree absorption of nutrients has occurred in your system.

When looking at the bodies’ digestive system, we want to consider the stomach.  It is in our stomachs that hydrochloric acid (HCL) is produced, and this acid is what breaks food down so that the digestive enzymes can work more effectively.

Without the HCL and the digestive enzymes working in tandem, digestion breaks down and valuable minerals and nutrients pass through the body unabsorbed.

If your digestive system is working well, the next step is to make sure you eat foods which break down easily in the stomach, like minerals and proteins.  You also want to have enough digestive fluid to emulsify and break down fats.  Lastly, you want to consume a wide variety of healthy bacteria to promote good nutrient absorption.

Eating foods such as soy, wheat, nuts, corn, GMOs and dairy can sabotage you digestive system, so be careful how much you consume.

Supplement your diet with algae and nutritional yeast, which can help with protein and B vitamin absorption.  Probiotic bacteria like that found in yogurt can also work to effectively increase digestion.  Increasing your digestion can lead to many health benefits all around for your body.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, but avoid drinking fluids while eating.  Water and other beverages dilute the stomach’s HCL and the digestive enzymes like amylase, proteases and lipase.  Pure water is the best kind of water and the best time to drink it is in the morning and during workouts.  Not only is water good for your body, but it helps your liver and kidneys to remove excess toxins from the body.

A good measure of how well your digestion is going is the type and frequency of when you go to the bathroom, specifically number two.  Ideally, you want to evacuate dark brown, large and fluffy poops three times a day.  The matter should float.  If they sink, then the fecal material has been inside your body too long, compacting itself.  To help keep things fluffy, try fax seeds or celery or that daily apple.  Avoid refined carbohydrates such as candy bars.

This is a guest post.  Good digestion is so important to keeping our bodies healthy and happy.  Start the new year by getting your digestion tested and then make the changes you need to optimally fuel the most amazing machine created: your body.

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