How to Increase your Chances for Pregnancy

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Becoming pregnant appears, to some, to be one of the easiest tasks in the world. That is a huge misconception that can ultimately bring about the downfall of many individuals’ dreams of one day having their own child. There is quite a lot that happens within the body that can prevent conception or a successful pregnancy. One of the most common attributing factors to infertility is hormones. Having a low AMH level can stand in the way of achieving the goal of becoming pregnant but there is hope. There are ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.


Your body is a machine and as such needs the right fuel in order to function at its peak performance. This is true for daily living but becomes even more so when you are trying to become pregnant. A great tip is to start fine tuning your body with a healthy lifestyle before you even begin thinking about trying to become pregnant. The healthier you can become pre-conception, the higher chances you have of becoming pregnant. You can opt for a chemical free diet by switching to organic fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. Simple dietary choices can go quite a long way in making your body healthy and give you the energy you will need for conception and a successful pregnancy.


One of the most common mistakes couples can make when trying to become pregnant, and having difficulty, is treating just one partner. The reality is that both need a great diet and sometimes a helping hand with supplements. Think of supplements as natural “boosters” for your immunity system and your overall health. The healthier you and your partner become, the higher chances you have for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Supplements such as: calcium, probiotics, digestive enzymes, hepasil, and BiOmega can all help right the body’s systems.

Mental Health

It may seem that mental health is really a “catch all” for pregnancy problems, but in reality, that is where a great many obstacles begin. A “defeated” attitude when a doctor delivers bad news such as having a low AMH can often trigger a depression in both partners. It is easy to feel hopeless and feel like getting pregnant is an overwhelming obstacle. The truth is that good health begins in the mind. It has been shown in many studies that a positive outlook and view on pregnancy can really help overcome many medical conditions. The key is staying positive and focusing on making the right choices for your body. Once the mind is set on a positive path then well-being will follow.

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