How To Keep Colon Cleansing Safe

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Health CheckYou may have heard about the supposed benefits of colon cleansing, but is it indeed effective? And perhaps a better question would be, “Is colon cleansing safe?” Following are tips on how to ensure that the cleansing program you employ is both safe and effective.

The safest and most effective way to cleanse your colon by far is to do it the natural way. The main goal of a colon cleanse is to rid your body of accumulated toxins and so logically, taking in chemical-based pills will defeat the purpose. Instead, it is much better to adopt a healthier lifestyle in your efforts to cleanse your body.

Dietary fiber does excellent work in cleaning the colon and flushing out toxins. Thus it is most advisable to increase your daily intake of fresh fruits and leafy greens. Eight to ten servings a day should do the trick, and this is easily done by eating four to six small meals each day. Aside from fruits and vegetables, whole grains are also excellent sources of dietary fiber.

Another very effective way to keep colon cleansing safe is by reversing the food pyramid. This means that fruits and vegetables should be the foundation of your diet. Grains and protein-rich food then follows, with sweets just taken in just occasionally.

Of course, probably the most important component of a cleansing diet is water. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated, so make sure that you drink at least ten glasses of water per day.

While it is very important to rid yourself of harmful toxins, it is equally essential to make sure your cleansing procedure does not do more harm than good. So before you even start the process, be sure to take all measures to keep your colon cleansing safe.

What a Good Colon Hydrotherapist Can Do for You

Colonic hydrotherapy is a cleansing process by which a colon hydrotherapist uses a special equipment to inject water into your colon to gently wash it. This is often considered to be a more comprehensive version of an enema which is commonly used for colon irrigation.

The goal of each hydrotherapy session is to remove toxic waste that has accumulated over time and hydrate your colon. This is done by washing your colon walls. The cleansing process also stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your intestines, thus allowing it to work at optimum performance.

Now the words “injection” and “special equipment” may be enough to scare most people into looking for other means to clean their colon. But there is actually no need to worry too much, since hydrotherapy causes very little discomfort. The colon hydrotherapist will simply make you lie down on a massage table and then slowly inject the water via a plastic tubing that is inserted through your rectum.

Your body will then release the water naturally, bringing toxic gas, fecal matter and bad bacteria along with it. A session usually lasts for about an hour, after which your colon will be better able to absorb nutrients and expel harmful toxins. Thorough cleansing may also contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system.

There is just one very important thing to remember before undergoing hydrotherapy. Make sure that the colon hydrotherapist you choose for the procedure is a licensed professional and that all equipment he uses are approved by the FDA.

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