How to Stick to a Fitness Routine

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How_to_Stick_to_a_Fitness_RoutineGetting on a regular, successful fitness routine is difficult.

Unless you have a fitness or life coach with you every step of the way, you could fall off track. Here are some tips to get on track – and stay that way.

Firm up your commitment

If you’re having trouble getting into the habit of exercising regularly, maybe it’s time to stop thinking of it as a habit and start thinking of it as a commitment.  You don’t get into the habit of walking the dog or driving the kids to school – these are commitments you have made.  Now it’s time to make a commitment to yourself and your health.

Some people find commitments easier to keep if they are accountable to someone else. Maybe you have a friend who also has trouble finding the motivation to go running.

By committing to go running with your friend, you can turn running into something positive by making it a social activity and create incentive to keep your commitment by not wanting to let your friend down by giving your friend a reason to also not run that day.

Another way to make a commitment using outside support is by taking an exercise class, where you can get encouragement and guidance from the instruction and camaraderie from the other participants in the class.

You could also aim for an online commitment, in which you and a friend, or perhaps a group of friends, all agree to a fitness routine and keep each other on track via social media.

Vary your routine

If you are doing the same thing over and over again, you could fall into a rut. Run down a different street. Bike a different path. If you only run, go on the elliptical sometimes, or vice versa.

Carry a pedometer

You intend to take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the store on the corner instead of driving there, or get off one stop early on the subway, but usually don’t feel like doing the extra walking or rationalize that you don’t have the time.  And does walking an extra block or two really make a difference? With a pedometer, the answer is yes. Every little bit is automatically counted toward your daily goal.

Set realistic goals

If you vow to go to the gym every day, that’s not only a hard schedule to keep, it might not even be advisable. You should always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program, both to figure out what is a reasonable amount of exercise and what are reasonable weight-loss goals.  You may be beating yourself up over not losing weight quickly enough when in fact you are losing weight successfully at a healthful pace.

Talk to a fitness or life coach

Having a coach, even if it is only for a session or two, could potentially help guide you over the long haul. To learn more, click here.

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