How to Stop Constipation Naturally

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How to Stop Constipation Naturally

UPDATE: This article receives a lot of views but visitors are not reading the entire article. For immediate natural constipation relief use the following. Mix one cup of room temperature water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Drink up to only half a cup of the mixture. Stay close to the toilet for the next 24 hours. This is not for children under fifteen years old.

For those who suffer from this subject matter, learning how to stop constipation naturally is a major priority. Constipation can not only be uncomfortable, it is unhealthy and can prove dangerous. The straining alone can create ongoing problems such as internal and/or external hemorrhoids. Constipation has been linked to colon cancer and is associated with diverticulitis. Knowing your nutrition facts will help prevent constipation.

An overall feeling of sluggishness weighs down your system as your body has to carry the excess waste. If not treated this will over time lead to toxins being released into your body and have a negative effect on your health. Though there are several methods available to treat this silent sickness, using nutrition facts and taking a natural approach will more than likely prove far more beneficial in the long run. There are prescriptions available to provide relief, but they might not cure the underlying problem.

For many dealing with constipation, a high fiber diet, exercise, water and controlled stress are all lacking. It is best to first identify the cause of your constipation so you can take the appropriate steps to cure and prevent any long term re-occurrence.

Relieving the constipation is of course the main objective. Here are five ways you can stop constipation naturally:

1. Omega 3 is an important part of your daily dietary requirements. My suggestion is to take a tablespoon of either olive oil or coconut oil daily. You can take one dosage in the morning and a second one in the evening. You should see results within a week. This particular method is good if you are seeing small pebble like clumps of waste in the toilet.

2. Lack of circulation is by far the biggest problem amongst people facing minor and major illnesses. Without proper blood circulation, your body is not receiving the proper nutrients-transported through your blood- to maintain your health and build your immune system. Running, jogging or even walking daily will improve your bowel movements dramatically.

3. Drinking enough water each day will also offer effective results within a few days. The standard amount of water should be half your body weight in ounces. Here is simple trick for those who don’t like to drink water. Purchase a 24oz. water bottle. Fill this container three to six times a day (depending on your weight). You can finish each refill within two or three drinks.

4. Your fiber intake determines how often and how smoothly you will use the bathroom. With the absence of roughage from fruits and veggies your digestive system and colon will take longer to process what you eat. Be sure to eat enough fruits and veggies for better digestion and bowel movements. Again having the right nutrition facts will help regulate your digestive system.

5. Since digestion plays a major role in the movement of your bowels, taking probiotics and digestive enzymes will also help relieve constipation. Food combinations are another factor when dealing with digestion and constipation. Combing the wrong foods at meal time will cause indigestion and many times constipate you.

Learning how to stop constipation naturally can save you a lot of pain, sickness and discomfort. Any of the above suggestions will offer relief without having to take strong medication.


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