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Golfer driving small portraitWatching too much TV? Glued to your PC gaming?Constantly tweeting and using social media?Then possibly you’re becoming a couch potato?! The question is does it matter?  The answer – yes it does, if you want to get the most out of life.

Our bodies have developed over many, many centuries to what they are today. But lifestyles in recent years have changed much faster out pacing the speed at which our bodies can adapt.

Not so long ago the majority of the workforce was out in the fields or in heavy industry where their bodies benefited from a good workout each day. Today many of us drive to work and are deskbound getting little or no exercise. Worst still we munch away on snacks and comfort foods which can quickly lead to obesity.

Exercise Benefits

There is a saying that “if you don’t use it you lose it”. This has been mostly applied to the older generation but it’s equally true for the young too. The fact is your body needs exercise and if it doesn’t get enough its ability to function will slowly decline. First let’s think about the heart and cardiovascular system. By working your body hard the heart pumps more blood, keeps the veins and arteries clear of plaque build-ups that can eventually lead to heart attacks.

Next,exercise helps you manage your weight. Many think a good diet is enough but recent research shows that exercise is equally as important. Exercise increases your metabolic rate and burns calories that would otherwise have been stored. Finally, although there are many other benefits – it makes you feel better! A good workout stimulates the body to produce some very useful chemicals that fights off depression.

Next step

Now let’s think about ways of getting some great exercise without having to go to the gym, pump lead or jog endlessly around your neighbourhood. What could be better than a good walk in the country, fresh air, endless space, great views and a pub or two to see you on your way? If you prefer something a little more challenging ignore what Mark Twain was reputed to have said“Golf is a good walk spoiled” and try it out for yourself.

Golf is for all ages and abilities. Its clever handicapping systems enables a beginner to enjoy a round with experienced golfers and possible take a few bob off them too! It’s also social and doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply hire or purchase a set of second hand clubs, get down to a golf range and work off any frustrations that may have built up in the day by smacking the ball with a driver – that’s a club designed to hit the ball into the blue yonder!

But most important it’s a great way to get that all important exercise that is going to help you towards an improved lifestyle. If you want help on how to get started then visit where you will find plenty of tips and advice provide by qualified PGA pros.

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This is a guest post.  Bruce Barnard is fanatical about golf and a freelance writer. He plays the sport to keep fit and enjoy the many benefits offered by outside county life.


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