Improving Health With An Air Purifier

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One of the most influential factors on our health is the quality of air that we breathe in.  Although our bodies work hard to get rid of things that are harmful to it, many pollutants that come from the air are undetectable to the nose, and therefore enter the body unfiltered.  Every day when we leave our houses our bodies are exposed to toxins and chemicals that can cause serious respiratory illness and affect the quality of our breathing and overall health.

The more time we spend in polluted areas, the more the air pollution will affect our bodies and health.  Because it can be hard to control for these variables outside of the home, it is necessary to constantly be working to improve the air quality in our homes.  One way to effectively clean the air in a home is to add an air purifier.  This not only provides immediate relief by removing chemicals and allergens through the air, but can also improve long-term health by improving the quality of the air we breathe in our homes.

How Does An Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers use one of three different technologies to improve the air in homes:

  • Filters
  • Ionizing purifiers
  • Ozone generators

Filters will fit right into a housing system that is typically located right on the air conditioning or heating systems.  The filter is made of either foam, fiberglass, cotton, or other synthetic fibers that are woven together.  Particles that try to enter through the filter are too big and may become trapped rather than entering into the air.  Filters must be changed regularly in order to ensure that they are properly working.

Ionizing purifiers have two metal plates, one with a positive charge and one with a negative charge.  The filter creates a small electrical field that causes air particles to become charged either positively or negatively.  Once they are charged, they are then attracted to one of the metal plates in the ionizing unit and become stuck to that specific plate.  Those that avoid the plate become attracted to other particles, and eventually join together until they become too heavy and then fall to the ground.

Ozone generators work by turning oxygen particles in the air into ozone.  The concept behind these purifiers is that once the oxygen is turned into ozone, it works to disinfect and clean the air.  There is much discussion over whether or not these purifiers are able to do what they claim to do, and some people feel that ozone is more harmful for the body than it is helpful.

Benefits To Health

The obvious benefit to adding an air purifying system to a home is that it will improve the air quality and overall health of those who live there.  By removing contaminants from the air we breathe, we avoid putting these harmful chemicals into our bodies.  These chemicals can decrease respiratory health and cause serious illnesses if they are regularly inhaled.  On a long-term basis, cardiovascular health can also be compromised if we spend too many years breathing in contaminated and dirty air.  Adding an air purifier to a home helps to keep the air clean and keep us healthy.

Additional Steps

Along with adding an air purifier, there are several things that can be implemented into daily life that can help to improve air quality and increase health.

First, avoid smoking in a home or allowing others to smoke in the home.  Smoke from cigarettes has been shown to be incredibly harmful to those who breathe it in.  This is not true just for those who are smoking; secondhand smoke can also cause serious illness and disease.  Avoid smoking in any form inside the home.

Second, clean floors and furniture regularly.  Use a vacuum with a strong suction and a HEPA filter in order to remove as many contaminants from the air as possible.  Dust regularly and vacuum soon after in order to avoid stirring up allergens into the air that can cause respiratory illness.

Third, avoid household cleaning products and grooming products that release chemicals.  When these products are purchased, choose ones that advertise being green, or being better for the environment.

Keeping the air in a home clean is a necessary part of staying healthy.  Many illnesses can be avoided and bodies are made stronger in order to fight off disease when pollution levels in the home are kept low.  We may not be able to control for the environment where we work and travel, so it is additionally important to control the air where we live.

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