Indoor Workout Routines

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Indoor Workout Routines

Whether you just want to stay indoors or the cold weather has you trapped, these 20 indoor workout routines will do wonders to improve your health. Take a look at each one to see how beneficial they can be in your exercise plan.

DVD and YouTube Workouts
Renting workout DVDs from the library or watching YouTube workout routines is totally free and super easy to use. You can start with 15-30 minutes a day and increase that as your endurance grows. This will provide variety in your exercise workout and can be done at home alone or with other people.

Jumping Jacks
Considered one of the classic exercises, jumping jacks are simple and offer an easy way to burn calories and lose weight. Jumping jacks will raise your heart rate and increase your circulation. Don’t over these however because they place stress on your joints.

Lifting Weights
Lifting weights will build muscles and strength. Weight lifting will also help prevent osteoporosis and is great for cardio training. Always start off with light weights. You can get 5-10 pound weights and gradually work up to heavier weights as you see fit.

Pushups will build endurance and muscles in your arms and stomach. Lying face down on floor, place hands slightly more than shoulder width apart, legs parallel behind you with toes on floor, (or modify with knees on floor) tighten core and lift body up, back and head stay aligned, come down an inch above floor and repeat.

Running In Place
Running in place provides variety, increases your heart rate, improves blood circulation and warms you up for other exercises. If you choose to run outdoors, please don’t run on concrete. This will cause joint and knee problems.

Believe it or not sit-ups are best done on a softer surface. If possible use a sit-up board with padding. You can also use a foam pad, a cushion, towels or a pillow. This exercise will be much easier with a softer surface supporting your back and your butt.

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, keep your shoulders back and your head up. Sit back into heels and bend your knees to a sitting position, come back to standing and repeat the process. By the way, this is a great way to tighten that gluteus maximus!

Stair Stepping
Stair stepping is a great exercise to do in your home. You can use the steps in your home, a large book, a stepping stool, a low chair or you can purchase a workout step. This is great combined with watching workout videos, listening to music or watching television.

Water Bottle Weights
For a good arm, shoulder, and back workout, fill up one gallon water bottles. Tailor the exercise to your own level by filling the bottles to the exact weight that is ideal for you. You can start off with two half full bottles and work your way up to two completely filled bottles.

Pilates is an indoor activity that is great for strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and lowering stress. It’s also an easy and inexpensive activity that you can do indoors or outdoors.


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