Infographic: Beautiful And Healthy Inside Out

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It is true that beauty lies in the inside, but aren’t we also dreaming about being beautiful inside out? Taking care of your body includes not just perfect make-up and proper clothes. Beauty is all about health. The infographic gives you some tips on the best ways to lose weight and improve the quality of your life by keeping fit and exercising.

Have you ever read about the popular Atkins diet or Weight watchers, Body for life, TLC or Ornish? All of them are collected and presented in the infographic for your convenience. Here you will find information on what you are supposed to eat, what are the pros and cons of each and every diet, as well as the average hourly calorie burn while jogging, doing aerobics, cycling, dancing and playing football or basketball.

Choose a suitable combination of a diet and exercise and find out the possibilities of your body, be your own boss! Diets and sport can no longer help you? Consider another option: bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric band? Check out the infographic for the crucial information on these medical procedures and remember – there is always a way to a improve health and mind!

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