Insects That Are Used In Beauty Care Products

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The history of beauty products goes a long way during the time of the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Back then, people made use of all natural materials to produce cosmetics and other beauty products. But now, science and technology have introduced ingredients that are preferred by many. Makers of these products are now able to create an array of beauty products catering to the various needs of consumers. Today, we strive to control insects, but years ago, insects were all natural ingredients used to create the beauty product desired.

Beauty In Ancient Times

Beauty products and cosmetics have been around ever since the ancient times. In fact studies show that they were mostly prevalent during the Egyptians as personal appearance and cleanliness were highly regarded. Even the priests who served in the altars were required to use beauty products to ensure cleanliness and to ward off pests such as lice. Despite their strict vanity, natural soaps and toothpaste were not available, so other means were used to clean themselves up. They often took baths several times a day to survive the hot weather and prevent being bitten by bugs when they sweat. In order to prevent body odor, the Egyptians applied little balls of incense and porridge under their arm pits. They made use of various natural ingredients, many of which are insects that have been crushed and dried to extract their properties.


The honey and wax of bees have always been considered beneficial to the health and beauty of people because of the cuticular lipids found in bee’s wax. Bees have always been cared for and their produce used in food, health and beauty items. In the past, bees and their wax were harvested and used in creating creams and lotions to help treat people suffering from skin ailments caused by dry winds and hot sun. In fact, bee’s wax was very popular during the Roman and Greek times.


It is unbelievable that ants can have beauty properties in them, but during the Roman, Greek and Egyptian era, ants were widely used to make cosmetics. They were crushed and turned into a paste for a base in colored facial beauty care. Thus they were even considered as a beneficial skin ointment or balm that enhanced the beauty of the user.


Silkworms were firstly cared for and harvested for its silk. However, once the Chinese discovered that oil contained in the dead pupae of silkworms were beneficial in cosmetics, silkworms were then farmed all the more and strict laws and harsh punishments were imposed for those who committed offenses associated to silkworms.


This insect has always been popular for the red dye that can be extracted from it and today it is known as the color – carmine. Once people discovered its usefulness, the insects became widely harvested in central South America, thus boosting their local economy as the dye was sought after even from distant countries. It was used to add color to creams, clothes and even make-up. The dye is mainly popular because of its water soluble properties that can stand degradation over time and its light – heat stable and oxidation properties.


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