Know The Signs Of Thyroid Problems Before They Strike

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Health CheckYou think you’re onto something.

You haven’t been feeling right, you’ve been experiencing strange symptoms like never before, and a lot of your friends have suggested that the problem might be with your thyroid.

But before you go to the doctor, call out of work and make a copay, you want to measure your odds.

How likely is it that a thyroid problem is, in fact, your underlying issue?

Could it be something else? Something that doesn’t force you to take time away from your job and cash out of your wallet?

It’s an understandable reflex, and that’s why it’s absolutely pivotal for you to know the signs and symptoms of thyroid issues.


This is probably one of the first things you noticed.

Like never before, you’re all of a sudden experiencing pain. Muscle pain. Joint pain. Even supposedly chronic issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

You’ve never felt like this before, but that doesn’t mean that the problem hasn’t been present the whole time, and just hadn’t yet begun to affect you.

If this is one of the things you’re experiencing, it’s totally possible that a thyroid condition could be the problem that’s haunting you.

Neck Problems

General pain is, of course, one of the biggest symptoms of a thyroid issue. But another is a more specific pain, a more isolated pain, one centered almost entirely in the neck.

If you’re experiencing pair or an uncomfortable feeling in your neck – even if it’s slightly but surely enlarging – it’s totally possible that a thyroid problem could be the issue, since its enlargement is often the reason why your neck hurts so badly.

Hair and Skin Problems

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, so it’s no mistake that many doctors tend to consider the health of the skin a telltale marker of that of the overall body.

The skin is connected to, basically, everything. It might be direct, particularly with blood vessels and such, but it could also be indirectly, through those blood vessels. These transport systems all but assure that no matter the difference between two structures, if there’s something hurting somewhere on your body, it’s likely to pop up on your skin.

That’s why if there’s an issue with your thyroid, your skin will be one of the first places to show it. The skin often dries out, cracks and gets “ashy” – and the hair experiences this, too. Good hair health is often predicated on good skin health, especially because hair grows in the skin.

Have a thyroid problem, and that tends to change.

Bowel Issues

Kind of gross to discuss. But it’s the truth.

If you have a thyroid issue, one of the first things you may begin to notice is a disruption in the way things work… down there. Not only can severe constipation occur, but also the other end of the bowel problem spectrum.

Suffice it to say, this is a less than ideal issue to have.

If you are, it may be possible that a thyroid problem is the root cause of the problem.

Female Problems

Another issue that may arise in the event of a thyroid issue is one related to your lady parts. That is, you have have serious fluctuations and deviation from a normal menstrual cycle if, for whatever reason, you are experiencing a thyroid issue.

Lucky for you, you’re now well aware of many of the signs and symptoms of a thyroid problem, so you can be sure to know what’s happening.

Dr. Michael Barakate is a pediatric and adult otolaryngologist located in Sydney, Australia offering thyroid and parathyroid information at

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