Love Your Body by Drinking Water . . . Lots of It

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Love Your Body by Drinking Water . . . Lots of It

We all know the importance of drinking water. The body is made of about 60 — 70 percent water and it needs to be replenished daily. Sometimes we forget or overlook this because we don’t feel the immediate effects of water dehydration. When our body needs food, our head hurts, our stomach grumbles loudly, and we feel faint. We try to address these issues as fast as possible. When our body needs water, it still continues to function and we think everything is okay. Our cells and body organs, however, are softly crying out for our attention. If we overlook these soft cries, eventually they get louder. Things start going wrong with the body and it is only then that we start paying attention.

Take Heed to the Body’s Need for Water

Don’t wait until your body starts yelling to take heed to its need for water. Many times, at this point, damage has been done to the cells and organs and it may take a great effort to correct the problem. Six to eight glasses of water may seem like a lot to drink every day, but your body will only function at its best when it is infused daily. Think about how dry and parched your lawn looks in the summer when it is not watered. That is just how your body is when it is water-deprived.

Benefits of Drinking Water

The benefits of water are many. The following are some of the ways that the body benefits:

  • Water helps all organs and body parts to function properly.
  • Water helps the cells to absorb oxygen, which is needed for fighting disease.
  • Water helps the body to digest foods properly. This eliminates constipation, which can cause many health problems.
  • Water helps the blood to circulate. Poor circulation may cause headaches and fatigue.
  • Water regulates body temperature. It acts as a coolant in hot weather and an insulator in cold weather.
  • Water helps flush the liver and kidney. Toxins should be flushed from these body parts daily and water helps to do this.
  • Water helps to dissolve calcium in the urine. Too much calcium in the urine causes kidney stones.
  • Water acts as a moisturizer, keeping the skin smooth and supple. It also helps the muscles to contract properly.

What are your thoughts on drinking water? Feel free to share them below.


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