Managing Pain After An Injury: Alternatives to Prescription Medication

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Sustaining an injury is not only unpleasant and inconvenient, but the pain involved can be very distracting. Pain also tends to slow the recovery process because it puts more pressure on the nerves and delicate system of the human body.

While many doctors prescribe a variety of medications to make it easier for patients to manage pain, there is much controversy over this given the negative side effects and addiction that can occur as a result.

Pain Management

Unfortunately, those who are in pain generally turn to their prescribed medicines for relief. While in some cases it may be necessary for a short time, most medications of this type are not designed for prolonged use. This is because they have the potential of damaging organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Additionally, there are other undesirable side effects that pain medication can cause, such as stomach problems, irritability, blurred vision, sleeplessness, depression and lack of appetite. Combined, those issues can make for a very slow and painful recovery. In fact, many people come away with the belief that the side effects of these drugs far outweigh the good they are meant to do.

On the website of Pius Joseph, personal injury is defined as “injury to one’s body, mind, state or feelings.” In some cases after an accident people medicate their physical pain from the injury but they may also begin to medicate those feelings of depression that may come from not being able to work and/or being shut-in during recovery.

Therefore in order to avoid becoming reliant on prescription medication it’s a good idea to find alternatives to transition to as you begin to heal from your injury.

Food as Medicine

Many cultures have always maintained that quite a few foods can function as medicine. For instance, reducing consumption of inflammation causing items such as saturated fats from animal products, sugar and white flour can help a great deal.

Instead, eat foods that are known to reduce inflammation and can also reduce pain, in much the same way that anti-inflammatory drugs are meant to do. These types of foods include green leafy and other healthy vegetables, cold water fish, seeds, nuts, soy, whole grains and beans.

Natural Alternatives

There are many natural alternatives to using prescription medication to manage pain. Using a holistic approach, patients can find that it is more beneficial and productive to address rather than suppress symptoms. Below are some examples of how to accomplish this.

Ice and Heat

Heating pads and ice packs have always been longstanding pain relief remedies. For recent injuries, ice is often the first recommendation from paramedics, doctors and physical therapists. Since it reduces and prevents further swelling, it is easier to heal faster.

Heat helps to relieve muscle and joint stiffness, while encouraging circulation to injured areas. Increased circulation naturally flows more oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, helping the healing process. Additionally, heat and ice therapies help to numb pain.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can greatly help to relieve pain that is caused by joint injuries and muscle spasms. Range of motion exercises and massaged muscles help to relieve pain through increased circulation. This also encourages normal movement of injured areas while increasing muscle flexibility and strength. Physical therapy also works to relieve inflammation, a major culprit when it comes to pain.

Acupuncture and Massage

As one of the oldest medicine methods practiced in the world, multiple studies have shown that the use of acupuncture and massage for pain conditions can be very beneficial. Not only is it used in back therapy, for jaw pain and headaches, but those suffering from injury find acupuncture and massage very therapeutic as well.

Finally, many of those who have experienced using prescription medication have found it much more difficult to triumph over addiction than for many street drugs. In fact, integrative medicine embraces using the methods above for pain management.

This is yet another reason why injured people continue to use the strategies above along with proper medical care and advice with such great success.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who frequently researches personal injury cases. Personal Injury Attorney, Pius Joseph successfully represents victims of serious and non-serious accidents including car and motorcycle accidents.

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