Masseur vs. Masseuse: Who is Right for You?

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We’re going to the spa for a massage! I was so excited, until the awkward question came up from the secretary, “Would you like a male of a female to do your massage?” Uh…

I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought that this question would be asked. I automatically asked for a female without taking that much time to think about. Melinda did a lovely job, and I don’t really think it matters one way or the other.

Thinking about it later, I thought it may be a lot less stressful if people could plan before a massage which sex of massage specialist they would like beforehand.

What to Expect

If you have never had a massage before, let me explain to you what to expect when you go get a massage. This may help navigate your choice between masseur or a masseuse.

You will be directed to a private room in the salon, spa, etc. You’ll be left alone to get naked, but you can leave on underwear if that makes you feel more comfortable. After that you are expected to use a towel or sheet then you lay face down a table that has a cradle for your face.

After you are prepared the massage therapist will come in and work their magic. You’ll have a hard time feeling stressed while getting a massage, but at if anytime you are uncomfortable the therapist will be willing to stop.

How to Choose Between a Masseur or Masseuse:

We get massages to relax! Choosing between genders can be a very startling realization when you first walk in the spa. While I may give you some different tips regarding which gender will work better for you, I recommend going with the gender that makes you feel the most comfortable. Remember you will essentially be naked in front of this person, so just prepare yourself. Take a deep breath, it will all be okay. Consider these two things to help you make your decision:

  • Body Image Issues- Lots of people deal with this problem, and getting naked in front of a person who will rub your hands all over you may bring up some self-confidence issues you never knew you had. If you are worrying about the gender your attracted to seeing your stretch marks, tan-lines, pubic hair, etc, choose the gender you are not attracted to. While this may not alleviate all the weird feelings about a stranger seeing you pretty-much in your birthday suit, it will probably help.
  • Arrousal “Issues”- Some people worry about getting too turned on by their massage therapist. That is why they will choose the gender they are not attracted to. There is something about an attractive person rubbing oil all over you that may get some of our engines going, so keep that in mind before choosing.

Does it Matter which Gender?

Once again, what mainly matters is that you feel comfortable. Every massage therapist has their own style. Some are stronger, some have softer hands, and they all have particular techniques they like to choose. Neither gender will be too weak to rub out your tension or too rough for your enjoyment. If it is too soft or it hurts just lets the massage therapists know.

This is a g guest post.  This article was contributed by Stuart from Mee Beauty a beauty salon near Clapham, South London, UK which specialises in all types of massage.


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