Natural Ways To Curb Snoring

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man-snoringSnoring yields a big, loud, obnoxious sound that mimics the buzzing of an electric saw. That’s the least of its offenses, however.

Snoring is a dire medical issue that can reduce quality of sleep, raise blood pressure, induce daytime fatigue and even cause memory loss and mood changes.

Often, it is associated with sleep apnea, which is characterized by a lack of oxygen during sleep and instances of arrested breathing.  Of course, one can undergo surgery to end snoring, but natural remedies are much less of a hassle. They save money, time and effort.

Here are five surefire natural cures for snoring, as recommended by alternative medicine experts.

1.  Sleep on your side

Snoring more frequently occurs when people sleep on their backs. When they slumber on their sides, the soft flesh at the back of the tongue and throat does not fall back and obstruct the windpipe; therefore, snoring ceases. Many people, out of habit, unconsciously roll over on their backs while sleeping.

To prevent this, some doctors recommend sleeping in a tight shirt and stuffing the back of the shirt with a small ball, such as a tennis ball. Even a heaving sleeper would be irritated by the ball and turn sideways without waking up too much.

2.  Use a Humidifier

Even those who don’t snore regularly might suffer a bout of snoring during an illness that is accompanied by a stuffy and clogged nose or congestion. To correct breathing, stop snoring and restore clear airways, use a humidifier to release warm, vapor into the room.

The best results occur if a few drops of peppermint oil or tea tree oil are put into the water chamber of the humidifier. These essential oils are known for clearing breathing problems.

3.  Buy Extra Pillows

Often snoring results when people lay on a surface that’s too flat. Pillows can flatten over time, contributing to snoring problems. One remedy is to sleep on a pile of pillows. A mound of three or four pillows often does the trick.

If you can’t go right out and buy a few more pillows and the decorative pillows around the house are too precious to ruin, try propping up the head of bed with concrete blocks or something else strong and flat.  This will allow sleepers to sleep on a raised and slanted surface. Be careful that your props are steady and can withstand tossing and turning of human bodies.

4.  Splurge on Nasal Strips

You’ve seen them advertised: the adhesive strips that you attach to your nose to pull open the nostrils for maximum breathing. Many snorers report that these actually work. They only cost a few dollars and have no reported side effects.

They don’t hurt, they don’t enlarge the nose and since there are no medicines attached, you can buy them without prescriptions. If you want to try to make this contraption at home, fashion your own strip with a small piece of metal to bend over the bridge of the nose and some strong adhesive tape.

5.  Lose Your Excess Fat

Did you know that when some people gain weight, they even gain extra flesh in their tongue and at the back of their throats? This excess fat in the mouth and the throat can increase the chance the airways will get blocked during sleep.

Often, achieving an ideal body weight can end a snoring problem. If you are overweight there are a lot of other sleeping problems like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a more serious sleep disorder but getting in shape can really improve your state of being.

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