Chris Christie Finally Opens Up About Weight Loss Struggles

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chris-christieChris Christie, the 55th governor of the state of New Jersey, was rumored to be a clear runner for the Republican presidential candidacy in 2012. While that never quite took shape, he is arguably a shoe-in the for 2016 presidential candidacy.

Lately, however, it seems that Christie has been getting a lot of attention, and for reasons that have little or nothing to do with politics. Read on to learn more about how NJ Governor Chris Christie finally opened up regarding his weight loss struggles.

Why all the fuss? Christie has not made official any plans to run for presidency, but there is talk that he very well could be, in 2016’s race. This automatically puts him in the spotlight of American media, making him an easy target for a public that is undeniably preoccupied with weight.

However, there is more to the concern over Christie’s weight than just the superficial. Simply put, obesity is unhealthy, and the public seems to be most apprehensive about a possible future President of the United States with health issues.

Unsolicited advice. The public’s concerns have undeniably been fueled by former physician of the White House, Connie Mariano. Mariano, who was Clinton’s physician while he was in office, recently spoke on CNN about her assessment of Christie’s weight, referring to him as a walking time bomb and speaking of the possibility of him suffering a fatal heart attack while in office.

Christie promptly responded to Mariano in a press release, saying she should “shut up” until she has had the chance to examine him personally.

Christie has a sense of humor about his weight. While there is no denying that obesity is no laughing matter, Christie has at least proven that he can handle all of the public scrutiny over his weight. On a recent appearance on the David Letterman show, Christie made it clear that he understands why people joke about his weight, and even more than that, it’s okay (all this while chomping on a donut).

He even poked a bit of fun at himself, citing his normal-range cholesterol and blood sugar levels and saying he’s one of the “healthiest fat guys” there is.

In all seriousness. In spite of the humor and backlash against doctor Mariano, Christie states that he is very serious about managing his weight, as he is sure his “luck” will eventually run out. He is candid about his struggles, saying that he has periods of success and periods of failure, and guaranteeing the public that staying healthy is at the forefront of his mind.

There is a lot more to NJ Governor Chris Christie than meets the eye, and he wants the American public to know that. So many Americans struggle with obesity, and Christie owns up to his own struggles.

About the Author: Providencia Hascall loves to follow politics and thinks the struggles Chris Christie is having are unique. She and her family use eMeals to plan their weekly dinners and have found the plans to be healthier and more organized!


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