No Time For The Gym? All You Need Is A Dose Of Some Gravity

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Gravity is one of the least used resources we have on the planet. With unlimited supply and zero negative emissions, it could be the answer to the world’s energy needs. But besides that, did you know gravity is the reason why you have strong bones and toned muscles?

Okay, maybe not as toned as you would like them to be but every time you sit down and get up; you are actually going against gravity and exercising your muscles. But simply doing day to day activities is not enough. You may find your way to the gym and guess what, all the weights you lift would be weightless were it not for gravity.

Weight is actually defined as the force of gravity on a given body relative to its mass, which is mostly directly proportional. In other words, gravity is what makes anything heavy or light.

In a zero gravity situation, those dumb bells you find so heavy would not weigh anything more than a floating feather. So how can you take advantage of this amazing effect of gravity to get fit and in shape? Well, it’s as simple as finding some floor space and getting a good dose of gravity.

Star Jumps

Think of star jumps as the equivalent of a rocket launching off the ground. The rocked has to beat the force of gravity acting on it in order to lift off. To perform star jumps, you crouch with your arms by your side and back straight.

Don’t haunch your shoulders or sit on your heels, crouch in a manner that allows you to easily stand to your feet without any change in posture. To begin, stand straight from the crouching position and then crouch again. Do this slowly to give you balance and rhythm.

For real G-force power, stand rapidly and in the same motion jump and spread your legs and arms at once. Then as you land back on the ground, put your feet back together and go all the way down to your crouching position.  Doing this repeatedly applies some serious G-force to your muscles.

Press ups

Famous for its ability to exercise your body fully, this exercise will stretch you to your limits as you use your body as a weight to exercise with. To get going, kneel on the floor and place your hands on the floor before you approximately at a width equal to your body width.

Then coming forward, keep your knees on the ground but lift your feet off the ground and cross them. Then bend your arms as you push down and then press upwards to raise your body. The g-force being exerted here is equal to the weight of your body but adjusted for the pivot at your knees.

More extreme forms of this exercise include placing your feet on a raised area with your knees straight and pressing up with almost the total weight of your body on your arms, shoulder and chest muscles. Here g-force helps you work out your upper body.


Well, running is perhaps the most universal form of exercise on the planet. People run for all manner of reasons but what they may not realize is the critical role gravity plays in running. Because gravity constantly pulls your body towards the center of the earth (or the ground); you need to sufficiently counter gravity just to lift your leg and take one step.

You also need to counter gravity to raise your arms as you walk or run. Basically, you need to constantly counter gravity just to remain in motion. Even when you are running downhill and gravity is working in your favor, you still need to counter gravity in order to not run too fast.

Running, either on the spot, on a track or treadmill will give your body the total deluxe g-force treatment to tone your muscles and strengthen your bones.

Gravity is a great asset for those looking to get toned or stay fit because it is one resource that costs nothing and you will find it wherever you go on this planet.

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