Pradaxa Litigation: What This Could Mean To You

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daily pillsCongestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation are very common heart conditions in the United States.

All individuals who suffer from either disease are routinely placed on blood-thinning medications to maintain blood coagulation consistency.

Coagulation is the process that allows blood to thicken dangerously because the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood through the body.

This is particularly important for the internal organs to function properly; and for the kidneys and liver to successfully flush contaminants from the body. Shortly after its FDA approval in 2010, the anti-coagulant, Pradaxa, was hailed as a miracle drug. Now, as evidenced by the massive number of legal claims in force, it is clear that this was a gross exaggeration on the part of the manufacturer’s marketing team.

Replacing Warfarin

Pradaxa was initially marketed as a simple medication for dealing with atrial fibrillation. There are several conditions that will preclude physicians from prescribing the medication, such as a prior heart valve surgery, but many individuals who were on Warfarin regimens were eager to try the new drug because there is no testing involved. Patients using Warfarin as an anti-coagulant must have their blood tested on a regular basis, sometimes as often as once per week.

Many patients wanted to avoid this process altogether. However, the testing process provides a much more efficient method of monitoring and controlling the thickness of the patient’s blood. This results in a much lower chance of stroke for the patient, which reportedly has been one of the primary problems with Pradaxa.

Continuing Medical Problems

The ineffectiveness and damage created by Pradaxa extends beyond controlling blood coagulation. The drug is also thought to be a major contributor to prolonged internal bleeding in patients who have used the drug for an extended period. Damage to the kidneys, liver, and intestines have also been attributed to the use of Pradaxa.

The one-size-fits-all theory is not effective in dealing with a disease that is as specific to the fluctuation ranges of the patient as atrial fibrillation. This will also leave the manufacturer liable for ongoing medical problems, which are also recoverable damage claims.

Retaining an Experienced Attorney

Claims involving Pradaxa are being handled in both class-action and individual lawsuit claims. Class action suits can stress the validity of the claims just by virtue of the number of affected patients. However, a patient is probably better represented when their personal injury claim is handled by a specific consumer protection attorney, such as who understands how to maximize individual claims.

Sometimes claims in a class-action can be dwarfed by the severity of other claimant medical problems. Class-actions usually result in the establishment of a trust fund that can be designed to limit payouts to individuals who have been physically damaged by the drug, so avoiding the trust fund can be important.

Pradaxa is clearly one of the most dangerous drugs available because it is marketed as an easy solution to a traditional and proven medication treatment schedule. It is currently under investigation by the FDA.

There may be some patients who have seen reasonably satisfactory results, but this is clearly not the norm. Anyone who may be suffering from medical problems associated with the use of Pradaxa or the changeover from Warfarin usage should contact a Pradaxa attorney as soon as possible. Most affected patients are elderly and time is of the essence.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell recalls the anguish of watching a beloved relative suffer from the misuse of a blood thinner. She hopes this article will help those who are battling a similar fight and prays that they recover the damages they deserves.

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