Preparing For Spring By Improving Your Smile

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girl-in-bikini-smilingMost everyone wants a straight, attractive smile that gets attention for the right reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with this gift. If your teeth have you feeling uncomfortable and insecure, consider giving yourself the gift of braces this spring.

A Season for Embarrassment

As the weather warms, people tend to focus on their physical appearances. For many, this means adopting diets and exercise programs that improve their physiques.

While this can help many people improve their self-esteem; it can’t help people who suffer the embarrassment associated with crooked teeth.

Although we all know it’s important to project a sense of confidence, irregular smiles can make this difficult, especially when you consider statistical evidence that demonstrates just how important our teeth are.

Recently, Wakefield Research conducted a study on behalf of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), and the results offered compelling evidence that proves our smiles matters great deal. After surveying 1,000 participants, researchers came up with the following data:

A third of people think they’d have better social lives if their teeth were straighter. Over three-quarters of women said they thought crooked smiles were more unattractive than receding hairlines.

Almost 50 percent of adult participants under the age of 24 said they would untag a Facebook picture if it showed their smiles. More than three-quarters of all respondents said they think of people who have crooked teeth as being less successful.

Quick Results

Many adults scoff at the thought of braces, because they consider they believe they’ll be stuck wearing them for years; however, according to Philadelphia dentist Dr. Kenneth Siegel , this usually isn’t the case.

“Braces have come a long way,” he said. “Patients are amazed when I tell them that they can probably get their braces off in about six months. They keep waiting for the punch line or the catch, but in many cases, it’s reality. For some severe occlusion cases, it may take longer, but the period is still significantly shorter than the orthodontic treatments available ten years ago.”

Attractive Options

Sometimes, adults resist the idea of braces, because they worry they’ll look silly or immature. For these people, clear braces offer a discreet way to straighten teeth. Removable and easy to clean, these modern cosmetic devices are ideal for people who have less severe problems that promote unappealing aesthetics.

Although we all wished we lived in a world where people didn’t value physical appearance; statistics show they do. With modern cosmetic dentistry offering efficient, comfortable ways to straighten teeth, more and more people are seeking help; so they can gain confidence and feel more comfortable smiling.

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This is a guest post.  Ryan Lawrence writes for Off-Topic Media. Thanks to Dr. Ken Siegel for sharing his expertise on the subject of braces for this story.


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