Quitting the Smoking Habit

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Quitting the smoking habit is the goal of many. Yesterday’s post spoke about the health risks of smoking and, certainly, many do realize how detrimental smoking can be to themselves and those around them. Realizing the problem of smoking is one thing — trying to do something about the problem is another story altogether.

Smoking Statistics for Quitting Smoking

Quitting the Smoking Habit

Statistics show that half of all smokers have tried to quit at some point in their lives and, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz of New York Presbyterian Hospital, at least 70% of all persons who smoke would like to quit. Quitting the drag, however, is not so easy — especially if you’ve be at it for a while. According to the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), nicotine dependence is a chronic relapsing disorder. Most smokers try more than 6 times before they succeed at quitting.

Tips for Letting Go of the Smoking Habit

Trying to quit smoking alone cold turkey has only worked for about 2% – 3% of the smoking population. A greater chance of success is obtained when the individual works with a support group. Sometimes supplements, a change in environment, and exercise help with the quitting process. Following are 10 tips offered by the American Dental Association for quitting the smoking habit:

  • List your reasons for smoking
  • Choose a date in the near future to stop smoking
  • Build a support network to encourage you
  • Inquire about nicotine replacement therapy from your dentist or physician
  • Get involved in a regular exercise regimen
  • Stay busy
  • Frequent non-smoking environments
  • Remove cigarettes and all tobacco-related items from your environment

Other recommendations for quitting include the following:

  • Declare openly your decision to quit smoking.
  • Stay in the presence of others, especially those that heard your declaration to quit smoking.
  • Nibble of carrots or other raw vegetables or drink a glass of water when the urge to smoke is upon you.
  • Slowly count to 30 and really focus on the counting process when you feel you need to smoke.
  • Determine the reasons why you want to quit, write them down, and place them where you can see them constantly.
  • Go on a full body cleansing fast to clear toxins out of your system.
  • Plan a reward for yourself when you have quit the smoking habit.

Quitting the smoking habit (as with quitting any habit) can be quite a challenge. If you are in this category of individuals, we encourage you to work at it until you are successful. Just think of all the great benefits you will gain once you have achieved the non-smoker status.

Is quitting the smoking habit one of your goals? Do you have any tips to share with others?



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