Secret Thoughts Of Personal Trainers

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Matt-Perry-Fitness-ModelPersonal trainers are professionals in their field, so they won’t tell their clients things to stop them working out.

They do, however, have a number of frustrations with their clients as well as tips to share, which will make their job and your training easier.

Here are some of the best advice and tips we collected:

  • Don’t turn up to your session hungover from last night

You were well aware you had a session booked for the morning before you decided to go out drinking.

It shows a lack of respect for your trainer who also got up early to help you.

  • Do come to the session if you don’t feel like working out

If you don’t feel like pushing yourself that’s fine. A good personal trainer can adapt a session to fit how you’re feeling and still make the most of the time.

If you really don’t want to work out it’s possible to turn it into an advice session about nutrition or how to make time to work out.

As you’re still going to pay for the session anyway you may as well get something out of the time, even if it’s not working out.

  • No we won’t hold your baby or dog while you work out. But we can help in other ways

People do ask their trainers to do some outrageous things, which clearly go beyond the service they’re paying for. However, they can be helpful in ways such as setting up the weights machine or carrying your towel, which will help you work out more efficiently in the time you have.

  • Yes, you do smell.

Gyms are closed environments and might not have that good of an air circulation. Whilst it is normal for people to get sweaty whilst working out, please don’t wear the same top for a few sessions in a row without washing it.

  • Never take a call during a session, unless it’s an emergency

This is just impolite. Also every time you take a call that’s time you could be spending working out, so you’re wasting your own money and you’re less likely to reach your fitness goals.

  • Bringing a friend is great

It’s still possible to give personal attention and you can work in pairs, as well as save a bit of money. Trainers are very much in favour of this.

  • Working out is only part of the solution

Food and nutrition play a big part so you need to consider all parts of your life to make sure you reach your fitness goals.

  • You can change trainer… but don’t hide it

It’s completely fine to find a new trainer but if you still use the same gym it’s weird not to say anything. Be honest and direct and everything will be fine.

  • Wash your hands

You don’t have any control over who touches the gym equipment, so it’s best to play it safe.

  • Treat us with professional courtesy

Don’t turn up eating a burger and then expect to be taken seriously. You’re here to get fit, then play by the rules. Also, please pay your bills on time as it can be uncomfortable for trainers to ask for money.

About the author: Mark is an established personal trainer living and working in Surrey. He has just launched his new Web site please stop by and let him know what you think of the new design.


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