Signs of a Brain Tumor

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The abnormal growth of cells in the brain can lead to a tumor particularly in the cranium as well as in the central spine. This growth can either be benign or cancerous so it is important for one to have any checked out and for treatment to begin. A neurosurgeon is the physician that handles these types of cases.

Causes of Brain Tumors
There is no definite reason why brain tumors occur but certain factors such as radiation, inhaling pollutants and HIV infections. They can also occur because of originating from other parts of the body that have been affected with cancer such as breast or lymph nodes. Eating foods that have hormones has been said to excite cells and can cause the condition to develop.

Signs of Brain Tumors to Watch Out For
There are many factors that can determine brain tumor symptoms in an individual. These may include a tumor’s size, how fast it is growing and where it is located.
– Headaches are usually frequent for those who have tumors and increase in severity as the growth enlarges. It is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and having vision problems.
– In everyday life, the person becomes confused and is clumsy in what they do
– Seizures can occur especially in people who have never experienced them before
– The person may complain that they have no feeling in their arm or leg.
– Forming words may become different and speech may be slurred
– The individual may have a hard time hearing and may find it difficult to be balanced.

Risk Factors
There are some factors that make the condition more prevalent in some persons than others. In general, people of Caucasian origin usually tend to get brain tumors than other races. As one gets older, the risk increases even though the condition can happen to anyone and even children. If an individual has been exposed to high amounts of radiation such as those of nuclear power or have worked in electromagnetic fields, then they are more susceptible to getting brain tumors. Cell phones and microwaves also emit radiation but research has not provided conclusive evidence that they cause brain tumors.

A neurosurgeon can operate on the growth and remove it. Care must be followed because if there are remnants, then it can return again. Sometimes it is impossible to perform surgery because of the location of the tumor. Side effects include bleeding and even death. Brain tumor symptoms may be confirmed through a biopsy.

This is a guest post.  The Brain & Spine Institute of North Houston was established by Dr. Imran Fayaz in 2009. His practice originated from Ontario, Canada. Dr. Fayaz has been practicing neurosurgery for twenty years. 

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