Six Hardest Addictions to Quit

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hardest-addictions-to-quitAddiction is no joke, and people can become addicted to just about anything. It’s no one’s place to pass judgment as to which addictions are worse than others, and it’s really tough to tell which are the hardest to kick.

Some people might have a relatively easy time kicking one habit, while someone else can’t seem to stop for the life of them (literally). Lots of research has been done to rate how hard addictions are to quit, and here’s what the scientists have to say.


Heroin is a serious, hardcore drug that’s notoriously addicting, and it’s often rated the most addictive substance in the world. Heroin is an opiate, and opiates acts as an endorphin, reducing pain and increasing pleasure. Your brain can be quickly trained to crave heroin, as it gets into the brain very quickly. Heroin also has some seriously unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which alone make it hard enough for addicts to get through and quit.

Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is another hardcore drug that many people associate with addiction. Take the image that comes to you when you think about the word, “crackhead,” for example. Crack cocaine has similar chemical properties to cocaine, but its processing makes for a very intense high that comes on much more quickly than powdered cocaine. It’s another drug that’s very tough to quit, to say the least.


Nicotine isn’t considered as bad a drug as heroin and crack cocaine, but it is almost just as addicting based on the way it affects a person’s brain. Nicotine makes a user feel as though their brain can’t function normally without the drug. There are more nicotine addicts in the world than addicts to any other substance, and an astonishing 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. are attributed to smoking. Cigarettes are a serious problem.

Crystal Meth

Crystal methamphetamine is a very addicting substance. In your brain, crystal meth mimics to different types of neurotransmitters, those that affect alertness and pleasure. Your brain becomes trained to crave crystal meth more and more, and you begin to experience serious withdrawal symptoms in you can’t have it.


Alcohol is another of the more popular substances that become are addicted to, mostly because it is legal and readily available. As your tolerance for alcohol increases, your body can become addicted to it. Alcohol addiction is extremely dangerous, because it’s an addiction that can actually kill you just because you stop consuming it suddenly.


“Benzos” are drugs like Xanax and Valium, and your body can quickly become addicted to them. Benzos make our brain chemical GABA more effective, and GABA helps us decrease anxiety and excitability. If you stop taking benzos once addicted, you’ll experience lots of anxiety, making the allure of the drug that much stronger. Like alcohol, benzo withdrawal can be fatal.

Drug addictions can be life-shattering, and the addictiveness of these six substances is so strong, that professional help is usually needed in order to quit.

This is a guest post.  Lizel Jones lives in Paris Texas and is trying to break the long-time habit of smoking using smokeless e-cigarettes. Lizel is a clinical therapist specialized in addictions.

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