Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

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Skincare Routine for Dry SkinDry skin can make you look older and it can make you feel self-conscious about your skin. Instead of dealing with this, why not change it?

There are a lot of ways you can soothe your dry skin to make it look and feel better than ever. Here are some tips on an easy skincare routine you can easily adopt!

1. Clean Your Face

Start by removing your makeup, if you wear it, with natural makeup remover pads. These are easy to use and can be rubbed all over your face to get rid of makeup. Eye makeup may require different remover due to the sensitivity of the skin around them. There are a lot of eye makeup removers you can choose from.

2. Exfoliate Your Face

A few times a week you should be using an exfoliating cream that is designed for your face. This cream should also be designed for dry skin, which will prevent it from being stiff and irritated when you finish. This will help clean out your pores, get rid of bacteria and replenish nutrients in your skin. A cream like this will also get rid of dead skin on the surface of your face, which can make you look older.

3. Use Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Moisturizers specifically meant for dry skin will help get rid of dullness and will help keep it thick. In addition to this, the formulas that these products use will supply your skin with essential oils that will prevent it from drying out. There are a lot of different brands that make these and most are pretty affordable. You can spend more on a department store product, but that’s not necessary if you want to save.

4. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen is essential for all skin types and will prevent your face from being damaged from the sun. SPF 15 is usually adequate for most people and will protect your skin throughout the day. You can wear this underneath your regular makeup, just let it dry first.

5. Apply Masks

Face masks for dry skin are a lot of fun to put on and can make your skin look simply amazing. You can look up recipes online or you can purchase products that are already made. You just have to make sure the formula is for dry skin and that you follow directions exactly. Using these a few times per week can help you avoid dryness in your face in the future.


– Avoid using regular soap on your skin, as this will dry it out even more. It’s important to use only facial care products that are specifically made for your skin type.

– Moisturize your skin before you go to bed. This will allow it to regenerate throughout the night and will prevent it from drying out while you’re sleeping.

– Use an eye cream to avoid dry skin under your eyes. This should be different from your regular moisturizer because that area of skin is so sensitive.

– Use natural lip care products to avoid wind burn or dry lips due to the weather where you live. You can also exfoliate your skin with a sugar scrub made at home.

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