Speeding Semi Trucks: How to Avoid Being a Victim

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semi truckSemi trucks are an important part of the American lifestyle. Each day, trucks transport an endless amount of goods around the nation so that you can purchase them in stores.

As grateful as you probably are for this, you also may sometimes feel intimidated, aggravated or even scared by these large vehicles, especially when they come barreling down on you on the road.

Avoid Passing On The Right

Zipping around a semi truck on the right can be dangerous. Since the truck is higher off the ground than your car, the driver may have a better view of the road ahead, especially if your view is blocked by the body of the truck itself.

Passing on the right could mean running into a slow-moving vehicle, parked car or some other road obstruction and taking the chance that the trucker does not see you.

Maintain Proper Lane

It is commonly accepted that the left lane is for speedier motorists. Always stay in the right lane if you are planning on going the speed limit or below, and watch for trucks that are quickly approaching from behind.

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Many highways almost turn into speedways when trucks travel across the nation. Interstate 40, which stretches across the southern half of the United States, is a good example of an area where semi trucks drive very fast.

Be An Attentive Driver

When all things go perfectly, a truck driver will put on the turn signal and then take a reasonable amount of time to merge over, allowing all nearby cars to get out of the way.

However, things don’t always go perfectly, and sometimes a turn signal can mean that the truck only has a short time to move out from lane to lane.

If the truck driver is speeding, he or she may have even less time to make a decision, so it’s in your best interest to react as though every turn signal is an indicator of an emergency.

Truck Blind Spots

Seeing the truck does not necessarily mean that the truck driver sees you. Trucks create many blind spots, forcing the driver to constantly check a number of different mirrors to try and gauge the locations of the cars around them.

Even though it’s more than likely that the driver does see you, it’s always best to assume that you’re invisible.

Safe Stopping Distances

No vehicle can stop on a dime, especially not a massive truck that is traveling over 60 mph. Therefore, it’s very important to avoid pulling directly in front of a truck unless you’re sure that you’re traveling faster than it is.

A semi truck can take up to three times the distance to stop as a regular car, so always be sure to get a few car lengths ahead before attempting to merge.

Like anyone else, truck drivers are not perfect and they sometimes break the law, making for a more dangerous road for everyone.

Just as you need to be watchful over other cars, you need to assume a great deal of responsibility when it comes to keeping yourself safe around semi trucks.

Nadine Swayne shares this safety information with those traveling and sharing the highways with trucks, and encourages drivers to visit sites online like dallascaraccidentlawyers.net to gain more information about their rights if injured in an accident with a trucker.

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