Spring Workout Routines

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Spring Workout Routines

Spring workout routines will help ease your body out of the winter mode and into summer nicely.  They can be indoors or outdoors.  Here are a 5 spring workout routines for you to use as the birds start chirping.

1. Table Games – like air hockey and ping pong will help you work up a sweat and increase your heart rate.  These fun and challenging games will keep you mentally sharp, improve your reflexes, coordination and speed of movement. They will also improve your balance and lowers the chances of falls and injuries, especially among seniors.

2. Wash Your Car –by hand and you will not only save yourself some cash, you will get a decent workout.   The movements involved in washing your car will strengthen your shoulders, arms and back.  It will also help you maintain your bone and joint health as you enjoy the fresh air.

3. Kick Boxinghelps to reduce mental stress, aids in weight loss, improves posture, balance and coordination, improves endurance and strengthens your heart.  It also boosts the energy of the body and equips you with self defense protection. 

4. Running a Marathon – gives you increased energy, improved health,  a sense of accomplishment, endurance, increased discipline,  quality time outdoors, lean, muscular legs and it’s a great way to meet likeminded health conscious people.

5. Circulation Workout Routine: toe reaches, waist twists, leg stretches, window washers, running in place, calf stretches and jumping jacks are all a great way to work out without doing a full workout.

As with all exercise, your spring workout routines should fit your health and weight loss goals.  Don’t select activities you know you won’t like or complete.  Start off small and work your way up to a more vigorous workout.


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