Steps for Good Colon Health

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Steps for Good Colon Health

Recently, I mentioned bowel elimination as a part of good bathroom habits. Proper elimination of the bowels is so essential, I wish to highlight it again.  Individuals with healthy bowels (i.e. a healthy colon) will eliminate two to three times daily. This equals one elimination per meal eaten. Elimination should be fast, easy and complete.

Constant Constipation — A Sign of Poor Bowel Health

Individuals with an unhealthy colon have problems eliminating.  They are constantly constipated. Stools may be small and hard to pass because old fecal matter accumulated along the walls of the colon inhibit it from functioning properly. This may cause a very unhealthy build up on chemicals and toxins. Toxins can cause headaches and a host of other symptoms that may lead to major health problems. Take a look at the Bristol Stool Scale to see what your bowel movements should look.

A Healthy Diet Helps  Correct an Unhealthy Colon

To prevent the degeneration of the colon, an individual must maintain a healthy diet.  This diet should include enough fiber and fluids to ensure proper movement of the bowels.  Foods high in insoluble fiber include whole grains, fruits, beans, nuts, and green, leafy vegetables. Such constipating foods as starches, wheat, and dairy should be avoided. The amount of friendly bacteria in the intestines should also be increased by taking supplements in the form of digestive enzymes and cultured live bacteria.  Six to eight glasses of ph-balanced water should be consumed daily.

Other Steps for Good Colon Health

Eating a healthy diet is vital, but is not the only step to ensuring good colon health. As mentioned in an earlier post, the colon must be cleaned regularly to function at its best. How often? That all depends upon on your lifestyle and overall state of health. Most experts say the colon should be thoroughly cleansed at least once yearly. Some say that if you are experiencing major health issues, more frequent cleansing may be required. Please be sure to consult with your primary physician if you feel you need to cleanse your colon more than the recommended once yearly. A colon irrigation by a professional colon therapist is one the best way to safely cleanse the colon. There are also many good products on the market for colon cleansing at home.

Other steps for instilling good colon health include the following:

  • Getting sufficient sleep
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Eliminating or reducing exposure to toxins

No one wants to be unhealthy.  Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from potentially serious health ailments.  Correcting problems in the colon will go a long way in eliminating many, if not all, of these health ailments.  A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body.

Have you had successful experience with any colon cleansing products that you wish to share? Please do so below.

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