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Stress and Poor Health


Stress and poor health are as closely related as insomnia and fatigue. When your mind is not functioning optimally or plagued by negative thoughts and emotions, eventually your body will suffer the consequences.

Stress is regulated by the adrenal glands, which are connected to the function of other organs. Your adrenal glands increase production of the hormone cortisol in order to reduce your stress level by regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. Cortisol plays many important roles in the nervous system.

Stress attacks us from several different areas of life. Dictionary.com defines stress as: physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. When this strain or tension bombards us at work, in school, at home or in our relationships it often times becomes difficult to function. If the stress is not addressed it could turn into depression and/or begin to affect our physical health. Examples of how stress affects the body are evident in these afflictions:


What are some available solutions to fight stress? There are many natural ways to control, reduce, manage and eliminate stress. Here are a few suggestions:


Stress is a contributing factor to poor circulation. When you are stressed, your body restricts blood vessels, which in turn prevents your blood from flowing effectively. Poor circulation opens a whole new area of concern. The function of the circulatory system is responsible for transporting materials such as gases (i.e. oxygen), nutrients to your cells, waste from your cells and hormones. Other functions include fighting infections and maintaining heat for your body.

As you can see the circulatory system is of grave importance to your overall health. It is in your best interest to control stress as much as possible since it can so negatively impact your life. Even having the right nutrition facts to better guide your diet can aid in reducing and managing stress.

If you have read this far in the article, this topic is obviously of some concern to you. Take this time to commit yourself to improving your health by addressing any stressors present in your life. Identify areas of concern that can be easily addressed and areas that might take more time to fix. Once you have done so, start working on ways to minimize and remove stress that is preventing a better you.

There are several additional ways you can reduce stress and take better care of your body to fight poor health. There are several health and nutrition guides available to you. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your mind, body and spirit. It is also important to know how protect your mind and body from stress and the damage it causes. Stress is a leading cause of poor health and it is up to you, to reduce and where possible, remove stressors in your life. Taking positive steps to manage your stress will help extend your life.


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