Summer Workout Routines

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Summer Workout Routines

Not that anyone needs list of summer workout routines, but here are five activities you can do this summer.  These are simple ideas that will keep you active and in shape.  Though you can do each all by yourself, they will be much more fun with another person or a group.

1. Water Parks –are more fun and healthy than you can imagine.  First off, you’re walking around an amusement park. That’s plenty of blood circulation.  You’ll probably spend a good couple hours there instead of just 30 minutes walking around the block.  Water parks provide a wonderful cardio workout that keeps you nice and cool.  This is a fun activity for the entire family.

2. Swimming – in private or public pools, lakes or rivers will work those arms and leg muscles in a fun environment.  You’ll beat the heat and get some well needed exercise.

3. Bike Rides – are my absolutely favorite summer workout routines.  You can go at anytime for as long as you want.  You can ride your bike alone or with a friend.  Bring your water bottle along to stay hydrated!

4.  Dancing – allows you to move your body any which way you choose.  It’s fun and you will no doubt get a full workout.  You can take dance classes or you can just turn on some of your favorite tunes.

5. Walking is one of the best summer activities.  It’s free and it’s easy.  You can walk at any time, by yourself or with other people.

Are any of these summer workout routines on your list for the summer?  Let us know what works for you or add to the list.


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