Super Foods For a Super Slim Physique

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We all want a slimmer, trimmer stomach and there are by no means any quick fixes. But with frequent, correctly executed exercise and consuming 10 super foods that will help shake belly fat, it is definitely a reachable goal.

1.  Salmon is rightfully referred to as the super fish. It is wonderfully high in protein, vitamins D and B, omega 3 fatty acids (the good acids) and calcium too. For optimum nutrition, bake, grill or sauté the fish and serve it with brown rice and a touch of lemon juice.

2.  Walnuts are a great source of protein and are high in fibre and good fats. They can be cooked up with rice for a delicious crunchy alternative or chopped up and sprinkled over yoghurt or salads. Other really good nuts include hazelnuts and almonds.

3.  Oats are high in fibre and great for reducing high cholesterol levels. The type that takes longer to cook is a better option and even then they only take about 5 minutes to prepare. Fibre helps to keep the belly working regularly.

4.  Apples can help to make you feel full for longer as they are rich in fibre and pectin. Having an apple before a meal will help you to fill up so that you eat smaller quantities and work towards busting belly flab.

5.  Tomatoes, either cooked or raw, have a very low calorie count, which is always welcome when it comes to reducing the waistline. They are a good source of antioxidants, which rid the body of unwanted chemicals and constituents so that fat is not stored around the stomach. They are also great for vitamin A and C intake.

6.  Spinach, consumed fresh, has fantastic quantities of vitamins A and C as well as foliate and fibre. Spinach helps with bloating issues as well as being rich in iron and vitamins A, B, C and K. It can be added to an array of dishes to make sure you get the quantities your diet needs.

7.  Blueberries are also good antioxidants. They’ve been labelled the miracle berry and are delicious added to salads or mixed up as a smoothie.

8.  Green tea is arguably one of the best metabolism boosters’ available, thanks to its antioxidant properties. It can be consumed hot or iced and mixed into other teas to improve its taste.

9.  Garlic is not only a tasty ingredient but it is good for your health too. It lowers both blood pressure and cholesterol.

10.  Broccoli is high in vitamins A and C and fibre. It is low in calories and can be cooked up fresh as a tasty addition to a meal.

Include these 10 super foods that will help shake belly fat in your diet every day.

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