The Best Dance Workouts for Burning Fat

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Let’s face it you do not see overweight professional dancers, in fact the majority have very good physics due to the high energy this sport requires. Dancing like many other sports moves through its trends and although the majority are still practiced in there authenticity some of the more modern forms have been turned into the single goal of keeping fit.

High calorie burn dance classes have become major business in the last decade and been developed to accommodate a high calorie burn regime for keep fit classes. Dance moves such as Salsa and Zumba are now common place across the world, not to be performed in night clubs but down the local gym in the form of aerobic exercise.

Salsa is a form of dance that has not been initiated from one person or place but has evolved from many different influences. The Island of Cuba is probably the first place to see people dancing the Salsa as the local dancers started to mixed with African rumbas such as Guaguanco, Colombia and Yambú. The development of this fast rhythmic dance didn’t stop there, it spread to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Columbia saw the added Spanish influence of troubadour.

Salsa is just one dance of the many that have similar moves and equally high fat burn benefits. Other dances such as the Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Flamenco and Samba all make up the very popular exercise dancing “Zumba”.

Zumba is a phenomenon that has taken the keep fit world by storm, with classes popping up all over the world from America to Africa and Australia it is hard to deny that this popular dance is now a household name. The moves incorporate a high calorie and fat burn routine that enjoyable for almost all ages. If you can swing your hips and move your feet back and forth then you can join in a Zumba class.

The trick to burning fat is to get the heart rate to a certain level and keep it there for extended periods of time. The level of heart rate is not that of extreme exercise but prolonged periods of aerobic exercise with the odd burst of higher levels. A mixture of moves also stimulates the muscles to require much more calorie burn to produce the energy required. If you are looking for a good fun way to burn the fat through dancing then Zumba is definitely the answer.

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