The Dangers Of Having Loose Teeth

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Girl Holding Tooth BrushTooth loss is a fairly normal thing to happen as long as you are a kid, but when you grow up, it is not at all great.

Not only does it spoil your look, but you may also incur high costs if you get it treated. And unfortunately, this is not the end. A tooth loss is generally an indication of a more serious disease.

You may not be suffering from it right now but it does put you at risk.

If your tooth is about to fall out or has already fallen out, then you had better seek dental care straight away. Ignoring it can lead to quite a few dangers, the major ones of which are given here.

Periodontal Disease

There are several causes of teeth loss, but periodontal disease is the most common reason people lose a tooth. There are two main stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. In the initial stages, plaque starts to build up onto the teeth.

The bacteria present in it increase acidity in the mouth, which starts to damage gum tissues. Other main symptoms of this disease include swollen gums and bleeding while brushing.

The only effective prevention of periodontal disease is to maintain oral hygiene. You should regularly brush your teeth and floss. Visit your dentist and make sure that he conducts a thorough examination.

Also try to avoid habits that promote plaque such as smoking and an unbalanced diet. The list also includes biting your nails, grinding your teeth and using them as a tool. If you have past history of gum disease, then also there is a higher chance of plaque buildup, but good care can prevent it.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Studies show that there is a distinguished relationship between cardiovascular diseases and periodontal diseases.

Experimental results state that if there is a tooth loss due to a gum disease, there is a high chance the plaque is present in the carotid artery or the person is suffering from peripheral artery disease.

Research conducted in this regard shows that the risks of cardiac death and stroke increase by almost 28% and 12% respectively in people who have several missing teeth.


As already mentioned, the main cause of tooth loss is gum disease. If this advances, then there is a high chance that you may suffer from oral, pancreatic or lung cancer.


Surprising as it may be, a tooth loss can result in loss of memory as well. However, other causes such as nutritional deficiencies also play their part. Before a proper conclusion can be derived, more research is necessary in this area.

Kidney Disease

There have been several cases in which kidney disease emerged as teeth fell out. The relationship is still not clear, but the fact that these two are linked is quiet obvious from the number of researches conducted.


A common cause of tooth loss is the intake of too many sugary foods. This causes teeth to decay and they may eventually fall out. Other than this, a diet comprised of excess sweetened food may also increase the sugar levels in blood and put the person at risk of diabetes.


Tooth loss can cause numerous complications in pregnant women such as premature birth and preeclampsia. Moreover, pregnancy is also known to accelerate the disease which makes matters worse.

The person may go through numerous treatment plans, but they are usually not effective. The only liable solution in this case is to maintain proper oral care and prevent gum diseases prior to becoming pregnant.

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