The Worst Fitness Advice Of All Time

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man exercisingThere are a lot of people looking for ways to get healthy, but there is a lot of conflicting information on fitness everywhere. We all receive bad fitness advice, more often from well meaning people like our parents, friends, coaches, brothers and sisters among many others.

All it takes is someone who has experienced short term success losing weight or an improved fitness to convince people. This can be attributed to the fact that most people are looking for that magic bullet to achieve a fit body.

The bitter truth is that achieving a fit body is a combination of healthy eating, proper workouts and consistency in all these. Some of the fitness advice we receive are pretty good, while some, well, off the base at best and potentially dangerous at worse.

You have to exercise to lose weight

This is not true at all. People who sell exercise equipments and workout programs often convince their consumers so. If you are looking to shed some pounds, you have to get your diet in check.

Engaging in exercises is good and has a lot of benefits, but weight loss is about putting in fewer calories. If you are looking to lose weight, eat healthy foods and ingest fewer calories. Find a weight loss friend to give yourself an edge to realizing your goals.

Pilates: The best way to build lean muscles

These are great for improving your flexibility, core strength, flexibility and body awareness, but resistance training is more effective in helping create calorie burning, nicely figured body and strength enhancing muscles.

You have to increase your muscle tone and engage in muscle as well as more resistance training. Most women have a fear that they can get big and bulky from using weights, but there is no way this can happen if you engage in strength training, eat properly and do cardiovascular exercises.

You got to do carbo loading

This is not true. Health experts have revealed that resting is very important for the muscles to get time to store carbs that you ingest instead of burning them off in other workouts. If you are preparing for a big event, it is ideal to continue eating the normal healthy sports diet, filled with veggies, grains, fruits and starches and a few proteins.

Morning/Night is the best time to exercise

There are people who believe that morning workouts are the best because the body’s metabolism is boosted the whole day, energy is increased and gives a natural high that goes on into the afternoons.

The best time for workouts however is when you feel like doing exercises. Avoid very high intensity training such as burst and interval training especially in the evening because it produces chemicals that make the brain difficult to fall asleep and can as well disrupt the natural circadian-rhythms.

No pain, no gain

This is the worst advice ever! There is no reliable fitness tip that should advocate true pain as part of a workout success. After a workout process, you should feel a little fatigued or a mild discomfort. You should differentiate between being sore and getting injured. The workouts should not affect your normal daily routine.

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